The Secret Order of the Illuminati

by Linda Przygodski

What's in the book?

Illuminati: Conspiracy or Truth?

    • How the Illuminati started
    • The structure of the Illuminati organization
    • Their ascent, and secrets revealed
    • The Illuminati in modern times
    • Trivia



Though conspiracy theories exist in every nation and in every society, some have managed to pique the interest of readers on an international level. The Secret Order of the Illuminati is among these. My personal interest in this particular conspiracy theory and its historical context arose, as I am sure it did for many others, after reading Dan Brown’s The Da Vinci Code. Here’s a brief look at the history of this fascinating secret society.


Irum Sarfaraz is a professional writer with over 20 years of nonfiction writing experience. Her credits include newspaper op-eds on current social and political issues, magazine articles, book editing, translating, and research writing. Originally from Pakistan, Irum has been published in both American and Pakistani publications. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in English Literature and diplomas in nonfiction writing.


The Illuminati ran aground in 1784 when Duke Charles Theodore of Bavaria banned all associations and societies that had been formed without government consent. The Illuminati suffered heavily, with members forced to either recant their membership or lose their jobs. Only Weishaupt and Knigge were able to escape. As members were forced to reveal the Society’s secrets, it was only natural that the public’s fascination with the nature of the society started to mount.

Among the most noted of these revealed secrets, and supposedly the main cause of strengthening the legend of the Illuminati, were the documents seized from member Xaviar Zwack that outlined the Society’s plans for the creation of a similar secret organization for women, defense of suicide and atheism, and the Illuminati claims of having control of life and death of its members. Additionally, these documents also had information on counterfeiting, abortion, poison, and secret ink.

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