The Best Thigh Exercises: 10 Days to Thinner, Stronger, & Sexier Legs

by Erica Romer

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Tips and tricks to make life a little less difficult

    • Why You Need Lean Legs
    • About the Author
    • Strengthening Your (Mind) Muscles
    • Boost Your Babe Factor: Eat More
    • Crunch Time
    • Fitness Target Zones: Health Rates
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Want to get a leg up on the world? Look no further than your lower body. The leg muscles, which consist of the quadriceps, glutes, and hamstrings, along with the calves and shins, are the largest muscle group in the human body, according to, a partner of the Lance Armstrong Foundation...When it comes down to it, the legs, particularly the thighs, are what give the body its “mojo,” its momentum, its power—not to mention its sex appeal, hence the reason you need to keep them in tip-top, prime condition.

Women are meant to be leggy. It’s in our blood, our DNA, our genes—and, as science has shown, directly relates to our overall beauty quotient...So, how does one go about slimming, strengthening, and sculpting—all by next week? That’s where Erica Romer comes in. She's here to dish you the “meat” of it, how to get ripped, righteous legs in just a mere 10 days. Impossible? Think again. With the help of this guide, and some tips from Romer, you’ll have sexier, smokin’ legs in no time—guaranteed.


"The first thing you must exercise, before ever setting foot in a gym, is your understanding of how fat and physique are related" Romer declares. Based on input from experts like Performance Enhancement and Physique Specialist of South Florida Hesham Fawzi, CSCS, Romer demonstrates that what is key "is to control the type of fat you put in, so you don’t a) gain weight or b) mistakenly burn muscle, which...drumroll...burns fat. Not what you expected? That’s okay. It will all make sense soon."

Tactics to avoid Pitfall #1: Succumbing to Soreness: "Pre-Exercise Warm Up: By lightly warming up and moving the muscles prior to a workout, you’re aligning your mind and body, letting your system know it’s time to prepare for strenuous activity. Your heart will speed up, pumping oxygen more feverishly throughout the body; your muscles will fire; your flexibility and mobility will increase, and you’ll loosen up the joints, tendons, and tissues, priming them for higher intensity."

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