The Best Book on Med School Admissions

by Allen Chiou Dr. David Svec, Joyce Ho, Manuel Lam, and Dr. David Iberri

What's in the book?

Applying to top med schools like HMS, Stanford Med, and Johns Hopkins? Insiders like Dr. David Iberri and Allen Chiou tell you exactly how they got in!

    • Deadly and Common Mistakes of Med School Applications
    • MCAT Playbook - Proven Ways to Improve Your Score
    • The Extracurriculars Med Schools Love to See
    • How to Make the Most of Undergraduate Research
    • 5 Keys to Success for Med School Interviews


The Med School Admissions team are graduates of some of the top medical schools in the country, ready to give you the keys to our success.

We're here to provide you with inside information on what medical schools are looking for when they select their students from the thousands of pre-med candidates out there and how not to get rejected.

What do students need to do to get into medical school? We can guide you every step of the way.

Getting into Harvard Medical School is not just about tricks to writing an application: you need to work right, think right and act right. Our Best Book On Med School Admissions will tell you how to make yourself the most attractive candidate out there.

It's guaranteed to improve your chances to get into your medical school of choice.


I'm an undergrad still trying to decide whether I want to commit to a pre-med track or not. Does this book have anything to help me pick?

Not only does this book have a ton of advice for you, you're at the perfect point to start acting on the advice that it gives. The time to start prepping your medical school resume is your first year in college, because everything from that point on will be on your transcript and resume. Knowing exactly what work and what commitments you will have as a pre-med and medical student will definitely give you an idea of whether the commitment is for you, and this book provides all of that. Deciding whether you want to be a doctor, of course, is entirely up to you.

I've been out of school for a few years but I've decided that I would like to pursue a career in medicine. Does your book only work for current college students?

The resume, essay, and interview advice that we give applies to anyone who is attempting to get into medical school, not just current undergraduates. Many people take a gap year or two before beginning medical school to get out into the world and start interacting with the people they want to help, and many people also decide on a career in medicine after working in other fields for some time. Other than a few slight differences in putting together your resume, which we cover in the book, the process for all applicants is basically identical.

Things You'll Learn:

  • The one thing to ask that will make your application stand out
  • The MCAT scores that med schools most want to see
  • Strategies formulated by top students to ace the test
  • Three key test resources most students don’t know about
  • How to show interest in individual universities to benefit your application
  • How to use your experience with labs and institutions to your advantage
  • Top non-traditional avenues to acceptance
  • How to make your personal statement truly distinctive
  • 3 proven steps to top quality recommendation letters
  • The importance of hands-on clinical experience to your application
  • Clinical rotations and choosing your field
  • General internal medicine internships
  • Surgical residency programs versus internal medicine residencies
  • Length of pre-clinical study versus research in top institutions
  • Mentorship and funding opportunities in smaller schools
  • Enjoying your time as a pre-med and getting the most from your resources

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