The Best Book on Law School Admissions

by Patrick Johnson and Frank Tobler

What's in the book?

Applying to HLS, Yale Law, Stanford Law, and other top 14 schools? Frank Tobler and Patrick Johnson, both top law school grads, show you how to get in.

    • 6 Ways to Stand Out From 98% of the Other Applicants
    • How to Time Your Applications, Start Prepping & Maximize Every App
    • 4 Secrets to Mastering the LSAT and Break 170
    • Tips on Perfecting Your Admissions Essay
    • The 6 Extracurriculars Activities That Admissions Committees Love


The Best Book team has been on every side of the top 14 law school application process.

Read the keys to success of lawyers with high profile corporate positions.

Learn insider secrets from students at some of the top law schools in the world.

Know that getting into Harvard and Stanford law is the most important asset for your future? Our experts can guide you every step of the way.

Your 4.0 GPA will not get you into law school; it's about achieving perfection not just in the classroom but in interviews, in writing, and in your life outside of school. The Best Book On Law School Admissions, will teach you everything you need to know to stand out from the crowd.

This book is guaranteed to improve your chances at getting into the top law schools, the first step to a successful and happy career.


I've just started college, but I'm considering a career in law. Does this book have any advice for me?

If you're truly committed to law school, you should start building your resume as early as possible, to make yourself the ideal candidate. If you're still deciding what you want to do, this book contains hundreds of real life stories and advice from lawyers and law students, telling you what your law school and corporate experience will be like.

I've been out of school for some time, but am considering law school as a means to change careers. Is this book just for recent college grads?

The Best Book has advice for both recent college graduates and those who have taken some time off from academics. In fact, there are several chapters devoted on how to capitalize on your background, whether you were an art student, pre-law, or spent years working in a totally different field from the law. Whether you're 22 or 42, there's helpful advice here for you.

My grades in college were far from perfect; I'm looking for lower tier law schools, not Harvard or Yale. Is this book only for people aimed at the top tier law schools?

The advice in The Best Book On Law School Admissions will help you regardless of whether you're looking at an Ivy League law school or a city college. Good planning and the right answers will help you get into law school no matter what level you are realistically looking at.

Things You'll Learn:

  • The Difference Between Patent And Copyright
  • Difficulties In Filing: Patent Versus Copyright
  • First To File Versus First To Invent
  • Grace Periods And Rights Granted By Patent
  • The Patent Cooperation Treaty And Its Effects
  • Filing Errors And Format Changes
  • Outright Office Rejections And How To Recover
  • Picking The Right Patent Lawyer
  • Reputation, Writing, And Personality: 3 Keys To Success
  • Prior Art Investigation And Proof Of Novelty
  • Independent and Dependent Claims
  • How To Draft An Application
  • 4 Steps To Avoid Costly Delays
  • Determining Whether Your Invention Is Patent-Worthy
  • 3 Essential Criteria For Patent-Ability
  • 4 Huge Mistakes Patent Filers Make
  • Judging The Worth Of Investment
  • 6 Steps To Defend A Patent
  • Receiving Damages For Patent Infringement
  • What Is Patent Licensing?: How To Make Money
  • Exclusive Versus Non-Exclusive License
  • Changes In Patent Wait Times
  • Electronic Filing and Funding Cuts
  • 2 Main Reasons For Patent Rejection
  • Steps To Avoid Failing The Process
  • 3 Patent Types And How They Apply To You
  • Usefulness, Novelty, And Non-Obviousness
  • Provisional Patents Versus Full Patents
  • Software Infringement Issues
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