The Best Book on How To Crack The Case Interview

by Abhinav Agrawal

What's in the book?

Abhinav Agrawal, a McKinsey veteran, teaches you his unique method to cracking the case interview through 30+ minutes of high-quality video and a course textbook for instant download.

    • Easy to understand breakdowns of all the consulting case interview components.
    • 30+ minutes of Abhinav answering 3 tough cases and explaining exactly how you should approach each in high-quality video.
    • Study guides, interviewing tips, and both case and fit practice questions.
    • Additional useful information including, debunked myths, cautionary tales, modern twists to traditional concepts and answers to different hypothetical sticky interview situations.



In The Best Book On How To Crack The Case Interview, consulting guru Abhinav Agrawal breaks down the anatomy of a case interview and guides readers through each step of the process. This guide goes beyond right answers and leads readers through the process behind effectively completing the case interview with a top consulting firm such as McKinsey, Bain, and BCG.

The shift from college to a full-time career has always been a hard transition, but arming yourself with knowledge will not only help you succeed but improve your overall confidence in yourself as a professional. This book allows readers to develop their knowledge of the structure of the case interview and carry that confidence with them to every interview that could lead them to their big break in the consulting industry.

This book will provide you with everything you need, along with additional free resources such as sample questions and answers to deliver a phenomenal interview technique and help you attain the consulting job you want.


Is one portion of the interview score weighted more than another?

No. All of the scores are equally valued out of a typical five point system. Each portion of the interview process is scored separately and does not carry more weight than any other part. Tip: When you proceed to the second round of interviews, remember that your score is back at zero, and everything you do now is looked at from a clean slate. This gives you the opportunity to take the feedback you were given and put it in to action. The interviewers need to see that you can take constructive criticism and immediately apply it.

If I get confused or lost during the interview what should I do?

There is nothing wrong with asking your interviewer to repeat themselves. In fact they’d prefer that you do ask them to clarify anything you don’t fully understand. Although they cannot give you the answer, your interviewer will gladly repeat anything they said that you didn’t understand and work with you to keep you on the right track.

How can my family or friends help me study?

Your family and friends can help you study by interviewing you. Let them ask you different fit questions, or run you through some of the frameworks. This interview isn’t about memorization but rather your ability to comprehend economic, consulting, and finance concepts. The best way to prepare is to work through the problems like you would in the actually interview. Not only are you practicing what you will later have to do but you’re learning how to use the frameworks and apply them to real life situations.

Can I be a consultant even if I don’t like to travel?

To be a consultant you really need to be open to traveling. If it’s something you are serious about you should be willing to compromise and travel as you’re needed too. The amount of traveling depends on the consulting firm itself, but mentioning your hesitation to travel is a definite deal breaker during a consultant interview because that is an unavoidable part of the job description.

Letter From The Author

Dear Aspiring Consultant,

Thank you for investing your time, confidence, and dedication to your future career. It shows that you have the ambition to never sell yourself short in life and have the willpower to thoroughly prepare yourself for your consultant interview.

When I as in your position, I remember not knowing whether consulting was 100% right for me, but what I did understand was that a consulting career is not only a strong career by a great stepping stone into other related fields. As it turned out, consulting was my niche and I am now privileged enough to be able to share all my hindsight—the good, the bad, and the embarrassing—with you!

Everything I wish someone would have told me is included in the seven very applicable chapters of this course. All of your anxieties and preconceptions about consulting interviews are dissected with such thorough examination, that you’ll be motivated, confident and ready to go conquer the consulting world. I hope you truly enjoy this course and find all of its informational tidbits relative, witty and of course helpful! Best of luck and wishes.


Abhinav Agrawal

Things You'll Learn:

  • Understand and apply framework concepts (Porter’s Five Forces, Four P’s, and the Tree Structure)
  • How to correctly make mistakes
  • Conquer interview nerves
  • What to bring to interviews and what to leave at home
  • How to have friends and family help you prepare for your interview
  • Review tips for math, economics and finance terms
  • Learn Interviewer tricks
  • Seven deadly case interview misconceptions
  • Common difficult portions of the consulting interview process
  • How to stand out against other candidates
  • Three math mistakes to avoid

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