The Best Book on Dating More After 40

by Jerusha Stewart

What's in the book?

Jerusha Stewart, "The Last Single Girl In The World," and author of "The Single Girl's Manifesta," kisses and tells all about how to date more after 40.

    • The 5 Best Places to Meet Eligible Men
    • Easy Tips to Look 10 Years Younger and Hotter
    • 10 Do's and Dont's for the First Date
    • Secrets to Successful Online Dating (and Keeping Your Privacy)
    • How To Having Amazing Sex in Your 40s and 50s



I’ve been single for a long time (not for lack of trying not to be). Can this book really help me?

Yes! Dating More After 40 was written written specifically for you – to inspire, inform and encourage you to be a more successful dater. Dating More After 40 is as much about empowerment as it is about filling your date book. If you want more dates, Dating More After 40 will not only help you get them, but it will show you how to stay positive and upbeat while doing it. And these dates will be of higher quality which can lead to the end to your stay in single-dom. This ebook will also help you be more comfortable, have more fun and get more satisfaction from being single, which is, ironically, a key step to getting more dates.

I’m not just over 40. I’m over 50, creeping up on 60. I’ve been out of the dating scene long enough that I’m not sure one exists for people my age. Why should I believe otherwise?

In Dating More After 40, you’ll find advice for dating during life’s second act, whether you’re looking for a life partner or a partner for one night only. With over 35 million single adults over 40, there are plenty of date mates just like you looking for romance online and off. The trick is knowing where to find them and Dating More After 40 shows you the best places to look. My ebook reveals the rules of modern romance, so you won’t feel out-of-date.

The dates I go on just aren’t any fun, and I’m getting discouraged. I don’t need more dates, I want to have better dates. Why should I buy this book?

Dating More After 40 is full of tips for exciting, interesting dates. I detail more than 20 dates that you probably haven’t tried before – and should! In addition to new date suggestions, I also give advice for psyching yourself up for dates so that you set yourself up to have a good time. I can’t promise that every date will be great, but if you follow my advice your dates will definitely be more fun and rewarding.

This sounds exhausting! I don’t know if I have the energy to do all that Jerusha does!

Not feeling like you have enough energy for dating isn’t that uncommon. In fact, that’s why I devoted an entire chapter to getting off the couch. What you may not realize is that you do have the energy to get back into the dating scene, you just haven’t tapped it! Dating More After 40 is about getting motivated, getting out there, and getting more dates!

I’m not sure I want to be a part of the dating scene. I’ve been single for a while and I just don’t know if I should get involved again. What’s in this book for me?

A lot. Wherever you are mentally and emotionally is fine. This book is designed to give you the tools to explore your options. Whether you want to be single, date for fun, or date towards the goal of a committed relationship, or even marriage, my book will help you to take stock of where you are, what you want, and help you to have more fun in the moment.

Letter From The Author

Many have sought it. Men have planned for it. Women dress for it. It is the promise of a great date!

I know that dating over 40 can sometimes feel as deserted as Death Valley in summer time or like a unpredictable minefield of disastrous dates. But, you don’t have to be disheartened. I wrote my ebook to show you how to shift your attitude, appearance and approach to the opposite sex, so you always get the best results possible from your dating life.

It’s easy to be confused about dating over 40. When you were 20 maybe you were busy having fun and developing your career and thought you’d be married by 30. And when you were 30, perhaps you thought 40 would be your time to settle down and find your perfect companion. But here you are, 40+, and you’re still single. Maybe you think your chances for finding fulfillment through dating are gone…but they’re not!

Now that I’m over 40, I’ve learned something interesting:

Dating over 40 isn’t all that different from dating under 40.


A lot of people who are over 40 want to get back into dating, but they are nervous. I was too, but you don’t have to be. I can help you get back in the saddle.

Many people don’t really know where to meet people and find dates. I didn’t either, but now I do, even places to meet specific types of people. I can help you find the best places to meet people you’d actually like to date!

Lots of folks are so disheartened and frustrated with their dating experiences that they are ready to call it quits. I know dating can be frustrating, but I can help you keep a positive attitude about dating so you can enjoy yourself instead of seeing it as a chore.

Maybe your first date after reading this book won’t be perfect. Your second might not be either. But this book isn’t about finding the perfect date; it’s about making all aspects of your dating life better.

I can’t promise you you’ll find Mr. or Mrs. Right by reading this book (I’m still looking!), but I can tell you that you can be more confident, more comfortable, a better conversationalist, and more adventurous if you take the advice in this book to heart. And, most importantly, you can have more fun!

I hope my book helps you become a happier and more successful participant in the over 40 dating scene.

Make it a great date!

Jerusha Stewart

Things You'll Learn:

  • The truth about dating over 40: advice for staying grounded and finding perspective
  • Getting into the game: how to jump-start and energize your social life
  • Negative signals you may be sending: are you sabotaging yourself?
  • Pay attention to your packaging: how to dress for dating success
  • Creating chemistry with the opposite sex: must-know moves for rocking your first impressions
  • Killer party prep: your personal guide to planning the best single parties
  • How to “work it:” social how-to’s for getting the most out of the neighborhood happy hour, singles events, class reunions, and more
  • Succeed at online dating: tips for generating more responses from your online profile online building visual appeal
  • Social networking to more dates: why you should be flirting on Facebook
  • How to date your age…or years younger: candid advice about selecting your dating target
  • 10 great cheap dates: planning fantastic dates that won’t break the bank
  • 7 steps to being happier single: positive reinforcement and singular benefits of the over 40 unmarried lifestyle
  • And more!

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