Richard Nikoley's Step-By-Step Course On Losing Weight & Fat On Paleo

by Richard Nikoley

What's in the book?

A 12-part video course!

    • 12 high-quality videos - over 65 minutes!
    • Included is a free copy of Richard's Free The Animal, 2nd Edition (in pdf, epub, and mobi formats)



So we finally dragged Richard into Hyperink's "studio" (really, our office) and spent a day interviewing him on everything paleo - from his personal story to the proper way to start fasting to his recommended books and workout gear.

Below is a series of 12 videos covering everything you need to know to lose weight and fat on the paleo diet!

We're also including a free copy of Richard's Free The Animal, 2nd Edition, more than 150 pages of advice.

Here's what the videos cover:

1. Richard's personal journey (3:41)
-How Richard discovered the diet
-Richard's interest in high-intensity, short-duration weightlifting

2. Life on the Paleo Diet (1:25)
-The energy management benefits
-Why Starbucks is setting you back!

3. The Paleo Solution (5:28)
-The 6 points behind the Paleo Solution
-How to fast property

4. The story behind Free The Animal (2:59)

5. Richard's mission and motivation (2:35)
-Reader success stories and feedback
-Richard's love for online debate

6. SAD - the Standard American Diet (3:34)
-What's fucked up about the Food Pyramid
-The little-known, most nutritious food on the planet!!

7. Eating (Like An Animal) (3:57)
-When to listen to (and when to ignore) your body
-A high resolution view into hunger

8. The Benefits of Fasting (6:30)
-The benefits of intermittent fasting - and the proper way to do it
-Exercising while fasting
-The hidden benefits to overall health via your body's defense mechanisms

9. Exercising on Paleo (7:14)
-Looking at nature for inspiration
-How to do proper high-intensity, short-duration workouts

10. The overall dietary landscape (10:40)
-Human evolution and the history of diets
-A look at various cultures and what they eat

11. Paleo - what "stuff" do you need to start? (7:31)
-Things you can buy to help get you started (eg, kettlebells)
-Great websites, books, and other recommended resources

12. How to cook Paleo/Caveman food (10:57)
-Covering everything from meats to fruits to vitamins

Here are some screenshots from the interviews and Richard at the whiteboard:

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