How To Zumba The Heck Out of Your Body

by Jeff Walker

What's in the book?

Everything you need to know about Zumba and how to get started!

    • Origins of the dance moves that make up Zumba® routines
    • Different types of Zumba® for all ages and experience levels
    • How to get started in Zumba®
    • Recommended health routines and diets to compliment your Zumba workout
    • How to build your Zumba® career


This book discusses the history and origins of Zumba® from a historical perspective, and also offers in-depth information for those wanting to get more involved in Zumba®.

This eBook is perfect for people simply interested in taking a class or two, as well as someone looking to make a career out of Zumba® and create their own routine.

This book sorts through the various offerings of the Zumba® empire and offers suggestions for those looking to take the next step into Zumba®.

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