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I've been a blogger since 2003 with thousands of posts and while it was easy to write a blog almost everyday, I just could not really get organized well enough for a book. From the time Hyperink contacted me last December with an offer to assist me, it was done in three weeks time and it cost me nothing. Three months later and I have several thousand sales and am working on my next book.

Richard Nikoley
Founder, Provanta Corporation

The Hyperink team approached me in January to do a book based on Feld Thoughts. They said it'd be fast and easy, and while I was skeptical, I was happy to give them a shot. What they came back with in March was really well done - I was excited to share my best posts in a longer-form, nicely designed book. It's exceeded my expectations - not only how well it's sold, but the ability to do things like frequent updates, the flexibility to run different marketing experiments - excited to see where it goes from here!

Brad Feld
Co-founder, Foundry Group; Co-founder, TechStars

When most people write books, they sit down with the goal of writing one. I cheated. Instead, I blogged non-stop for five years, writing about hundreds of different topics on various different sites and had someone edit a collection of those together into a book after the fact.

It's actually rather genius.

Not necessarily the book, mind you - I'll let you decide that - but the idea behind it. A startup called Hyperink is behind it and they approached me with the opportunity to repurpose and reinvigorate some of that past content I had made.

MG Siegler
General Partner, CrunchFund; Columnist, TechCrunch

One of my regular Forbes.com readers is Mike Federle, our chief operating officer and the former publisher of Fortune magazine. He helped arrange the deal with Hyperink and thought it was a great way to kick things off - and tell our story on another platform. At first, I resisted. Any kind of book was out of my comfort zone. My colleagues prodded me to into it.

Hyperink made it easy for me, mixing data analysis with editorial skills...an editor was brought in to determine the book's organization and structure and to increase readability through a round of light editing and proof reading...Hyperink then developed a cover and used proprietary technology to format the book for PDF, epub and mobi designs, then published it for the Amazon Kindle, the Barnes & Noble Nook, iBooks, Kobo - and, of course, Hyperink.com.

Lewis DVorkin
Chief Product Officer, Forbes Media; Founder, True/Slant

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Richard, thanks for writing the this no nonsense guide to paleo living. In a short month I've read all the big titles on Paleo living. Richards short and concise book gives you the essentials and real answers (like what and how much to supplement). This book is worth way more than the selling price. Thanks for sharing!
- David Landry, on Free the Animal
Perfect book for first time entrepreneur: Very good book. I love the chapter in financial management of a startup. You will hear from lot of startup CEO's that they have great service or product...but failed due to financial mismanagement.
- Joji Thumma, on Burning Entrepreneur
Having just finished the book and at the risk of sounding like a sycophant, Brad's latest effort is a masterpiece. A great mix of his original insight and experience mixed in with links to articles, resources and companies that help support, expand and even constructively criticize his story.
- Rob Zarry, on Burning Entrepreneur
Short, sweet, to the point. Exactly what a bunch of people need, who aren’t looking to know all the medical ins and outs, but simply want the goods on “how to.” I’d recommend your book in a heart-beat. Fast read, fun read, and not nearly so “colorful” as you tend to be on here!!!
- Will, on Free the Animal