World's Best Moms: A Collection of Memories


What's in the book?

    A heartwarming collection of stories and thoughts about the power of mothers to bring happiness and safety into our lives.


Letter from the Founder of

Love in its purest form can only be one that comes from a mother for her child. It is a love that knows no bounds... a love that’s unconditional... a love untainted. To celebrate and honor the fountain of this love we asked ourselves, ‘What would make our Moms feel special and happy – is it the amount of dollars we spend, or the thought that we fondly and gratefully remember what they said to us, or did for us, or the moments they spent with us?’ We felt it to be the latter. This gave birth to our campaign titled, ‘World’s Best Moms’.

Our campaign encouraged people to share anecdotes and testimonials about their moms. As a token of love and a tribute to these mothers, we decided to feature the names of these moms in our “World’s Best Moms” ecard, designed especially for some of the best moms in the world, available on our 123Greetings platform for posterity, and the most-liked memories and testimonials finding a place in this ebook titled “World’s Best Moms – A Collection of Memories”, downloadable by anyone who wishes to revel in the beauty of this relationship.

The response that we received was humbling, as people across different ages and from different parts of the world shared with us memories so varied and yet bound by that beautiful sentiment of love. Every piece of memory shared here delves into the different aspects of a mother-child relationship – some arousing laughter, some inspiring us, and some creating for us that moment of poignancy – each touching us so deeply.

We bring together these stories and testimonials to celebrate mothers who taught their children how to live and how to love, and the children who fondly relive all moments spent with their mothers.

We invite you to join us in this celebration and encourage you to share this ebook with those who you feel will enjoy reading these beautiful memories.

At, we look forward to bringing forth more of such beautiful emotions to you so you can cherish the joy of human expressions even more.

Wish you a happy read.

With warmest regards,

Arvind Kajaria


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