What's For Lunch, Honey?

by Meeta Wolff

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Somewhere along the way I got obsessed with food. Not so much the eating it, but more the cooking it. It was simply divine to see people relish the food I had prepared and then to see the perfect look of satisfaction on their faces. That was it! I did not need the compliments—it was that look that had me hooked.

You know the one I mean.

A bite, forkful or a spoonful of a dish and as you place it into your mouth your tongue begins to tingle with the burst of flavors you have been craving for all along—but simply were unable to find the perfect combination. You close your eyes because you just want to relish this one second for a moment longer.

That look on people's faces made it all worthwhile. As my recipes and creations became more elaborate I needed a way to express myself. I can talk, cook and eat food for hours. It never bores me. I just needed a way to share my passion, findings, research and experiments and that is the way I got around to creating a blog that mainly focuses on food.

The blog was created within a few minutes and without much thought to it. It was actually created while I had a bake in the oven and my two men came in and asked "What's for lunch?" and right then and there I decided that, this would be the perfect name for a food blog. And so What’s For Lunch, Honey? was born.

Today, I feel quite proud with every mention, award, accolade or the results of a photo/writing job I have achieved with this blog. I never thought “What's For Lunch, Honey?” would grow and become a prominent part of the Food Blogging community. And I certainly never thought it could grow into a cookbook of my own. But here we are, buns, wraps, roasts and all!


Born in Bombay, India, Meeta Wolff has traveled the world combining her passions for food, photography and people. All three come together in her successful blog, “What’s For Lunch, Honey?,” inspired mostly by Meeta’s love affair with delectable foods and her enjoyment of preparing meals bursting with characteristic flavors for her friends and family. Meeta’s blog combines recipes passed down through generations, as well as modern dishes with her own unique flair added to them.

Within a little under two years, “What’s For Lunch, Honey?” experienced great success. Today, six years later, “What’s For Lunch, Honey?” has established itself as one of the top food blogs with over 800 posts, more than five million visitors, and recognition in February 2009 by Times Online UK as one of the World’s Top 50 Best Food Blogs.

Meeta currently works as a food photographer, stylist and writer in Europe. Her photography is represented by Wonderful Machine and has been featured and recognized in magazines and websites around the world. As a writer, her work has been published in the Foodies of the World, a guide to food blogs around the world published by the Slattery Media Group. She is also one of the four creators and instructors of the successful series “From Plate to Page,” an intensive hands-on food photography and writing workshop aimed primarily at food bloggers, writers and photographers.

The Best of “What’s For Lunch, Honey?” is a book adaptation of the best posts and recipes from the online food blog created by Meeta.

Meeta now resides in Weimar, Germany with her husband Thomas, and son Soeren.


I adore Tom’s grandmother’s cooking, who at the awesome age of 90 still lives alone, baking and cooking some incredible dishes. Her silver hair gleaming in the sunlit kitchen, her small hands kneading or chopping, she tells stories—sometimes happy, but often sad—of how they fled the Nazis during the second world war. Both Soeren and I can listen for hours, my eyes often welling up at the courageous lady standing in front of me making one of her specialties for her great grandson and me. She has a wonderful knack for serving Saxonian specialties, like lentil soup with hearty sausage and quarkkeulchen smothered with cooked prunes.

Nostalgic and traditional, quarkkeulchen are one of Soeren’s favorites. He’s been asking me for several months to put up the recipe on the blog and share it with my readers. We made these while he was at home ill, surviving on liquids, antibiotics and cough syrup—I really needed to get some nourishment into him! And to make matters worse:

“Oh no!” he exclaimed looking at the menu planner for the school cafeteria for the day. “I am missing quarkkeulchen at school today!”

That was all the motivation I needed. Fritters, flat dumplings, pancakes—they have been called all sorts of names—quarkkeulchen are easy to make with simple pantry ingredients. Quarkkeulchen are typically made of boiled potatoes, quark cheese, flour and raisins and served with generous dollops of applesauce. They are generally eaten during lunch time or as a afternoon snack. (To note, they freeze easily and can be quickly defrosted in the microwave or in the oven on a low heat.) Soothing and satisfying, I knew Soeren would devour them.

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