Trivia for The Walking Dead Season 1

by Maiyer Vang

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  • The show doesn’t use the term “zombie.” They’ve used geek, walker, and the dead.
  • Television network AMC wanted to change the original pilot to resemble more of executive producer Frank Darabont’s previous films. They went into the project as if shooting a feature film; this resulted in a slower first episode.
  • To achieve the look of a zombie with its mouth torn off, makeup artists applied fake teeth over actors’ lips and added prosthetic skin to their cheeks.
  • Zombie extras get paid varying amounts. They receive more pay the longer they’re onscreen and if they get killed.
  • Dr. Edwin Jenner’s name references Dr. Edward Jenner, most famous for developing the smallpox vaccine in 1796.
  • The 12 year age difference between sisters Amy and Andrea doesn’t exist in the comic—it’s only 2 years in there.
  • It was determined that the zombies would move no faster than the ones in George A. Romero’s original Night of the Living Dead (1968).
  • The character Duane Jones pays homage to the actor who portrayed “Ben” in Night of the Living Dead.
  • Producers referred to the zombie half in the pilot as “bicycle girl.” They took time to cast her, as they had desired a particular look for the first zombie that Rick and the audience see.
  • The DVD set debuted at No. 2 (No. 3 for Blu-ray) on the Nielsen charts. 45% of total sales were from the latter format, remarkable for a television series.
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