Trivia for The Blind Side by Michael Lewis

by Amy Holwerda

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  • During Michael Oher’s first draft season, Oher was the first-pick draft by the Ravens, 23rd in the drafting schedule. The Ravens were initially scheduled to draft 26th in the lineup, but traded their 5th round pick to the New England Patriots to move up 3 spots and draft Oher.
  • The breaking of Joe Theismann’s leg was the most gruesome injury ever broadcast during Monday Night Football. Although Lawrence Taylor claimed to intentionally injure players, he says he has never watched a replay of the horrific injury that ended Theismann’s professional career.
  • In real life, Michael Oher attended Briarcrest Christian High School. When the novel was made into an Academy Award winning film, the school refused to allow the production team to use the true name of the school, fearing backlash for the portrayal of teachers who didn’t believe in Oher’s educational potential.
  • Before attending Briarcrest Christian High School, Oher was actually a skilled football player. While this is represented in the book, Hollywood chose to portray Oher as an unskilled, quiet black kid from the streets to create more of a “Cinderella” story. Oher was vocally displeased with this representation.
  • The star of The Blind Side: Evolution of a Game, Michael Oher, has been silent about the release of the book and film about his life. Because he has stayed mum about the projects, wholeheartedly refusing to promote them – even turning down Oprah’s request for an interview – some critics have argued that Oher disapproves of their existence. Those close to Oher have said that he simply wishes to move forward in his life. If he continues to answer questions about how he beat homelessness to become an athletic success, he will never fully be able to enjoy it.
  • There are 254,000 high school seniors that play football and 5,024 current college scholarships. The likelihood of a senior receiving one of those scholarships is 1-50.
  • While playing at Ole Miss and while playing for the Baltimore Ravens in the NFL, Oher was assigned the #74 jersey.
  • Despite his success as left tackle for Ole Miss and the focus of this book, Oher started out the 2009 season for the Baltimore Ravens playing right tackle. He moved to left tackle after a fellow player was injured, but once that player returned to the team, Michael returned to playing right tackle.
  • On July 30, 2009, Oher signed a five-year, $13.8 million contract with the Baltimore Ravens.
  • In response to Lewis’ book, the Tuohys published the book In a Heartbeat: Sharing the Power of Cheerful Giving in 2010 so they could tell the story of their relationship with Oher in their own words.
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