The Ultimate Jim Collins Quicklet Bundle

by The Hyperink Team

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This is a special Quicklet bundle featuring 3 of Jim Collins's most popular books:

  • Great by Choice (written by Jason Shen)
  • Good to Great (written by Diaris Alexander)
  • How the Mighty Fall (written by Joseph Taglieri)

Below are some selected excerpts.

From the Quicklet on Great by Choice:

I just finished reading Jim Collins’ new book. Great by Choice: Uncertainty Chaos and Luck—Why Some Thrive Despite Them All (often GBC from here on out) describes the results of a deep investigation into how young companies can survive and thrive in chaotic, turbulent environments to achieve spectacular results.

The book is of great value to startups and entrepreneurs seeking to build enduringly great companies. In this ebook, I look at how his concepts of fanatical discipline, productive paranoia, and empirical creativity apply to building a startup that succeeds over the long-term.

GBC is the spiritual sequel to a highly-regarded & best-selling book published by Collins in 2001 calledGood to Great: Why Some Companies Make the Leap…and Others Don’t. Both are great reads, but I find GBC particularly relevant to technology entrepreneurs, like myself.

From the Quicklet on Good to Great:

Collins follows up his first book, the classic Built to Last, by challenging his research team to identify what it takes for a group of good companies to transform into great organizations with exceptional results. “Good-to-great” organizations are defined by having an identifiable transition point in which they went from having good results to cumulative returns at least three times the market, independent of their industry.

These superior results had to have been sustained for a series of years. Collins and his research team analyzed over 1,400 companies from the Fortune 500 list to ultimately identify 11 companies that fit the criteria of this study. The 21-person team then filed and coded the business literature on these companies and contrasted them to a list of direct- and unsustained comparison companies to define the traits that distinguished these good-to-great companies from their average competitors.

From the Quicklet on How the Mighty Fall:

When an individual or group entity reaches the pinnacle of success, the inevitable concern is “where do we go from here?” This zenith of success could be in the financial realm, or in the realm of public perception. Yet, when answering the concern “where do we go from here” the answer is almost always “down, down, down.”

Jim Collins’ How the Mighty Fall is a valiant attempt to codify an intellectual grasp on recognizing and mitigating the warning signs. In more advanced cases, this means addressing the later stages of decline toward salvaging social standing and profitability.

The author’s concepts are geared toward business entities, and governments at all levels. These institutions can draw useful, relevant insights toward maximizing their own effectiveness and efficiency. The first chapter clearly sheds important light on this—after all, a symposium at West Point provided the inspiration for what would become the How the Mighty Fall project.

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