The Pathway to Awesomeness

by Mark Forster

What's in the book?

    • Time to Take Control
    • It's Your Life
    • The Beauty of Simplicity
    • Be an Effective Decision Maker
    • And Much More!


This selection of articles from my Get Everything Done blog covers a wide variety of articles relating to achievement, vision, and self-organization. They are not designed to add up to a systematic way of running one’s life. If you want that, then try my books Get Everything Done and Still Have Time to Play, How to Make Your Dreams Come True and Do It Tomorrow. The articles in this ebook are designed to provide ideas to spark your own creativity.

I recommend reading the book through quickly to start off with, and then selecting a few articles which strike your imagination or which are particularly relevant to a current situation or problem to work on further.

The unifying theme behind all these articles is that the key to success in life (however we define that) is to learn to work with our minds rather than against them. Forcing ourselves to do things rarely works because all we achieve is to get our minds to rebel. We then end up stressed, frustrated, and convinced that we are “no good” at whatever it is we are trying to do.

One of my favorite illustrations is the difference between a swamp and a river. A swamp is going nowhere, while a river is going somewhere. Both consist of water, and in both cases the water is simply doing what water does. The water stays in the swamp or flows down the river for exactly the same reason—because it’s the path of least resistance.

Like water, humans tend to follow the path of least resistance, and if we want to get somewhere then we need to make sure that we have constructed the river banks that will take us there. I hope these articles will give you plenty of ideas for doing just that.

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