The End of Long-Form Journalism?

by Lewis DVorkin and Forbes, Inc.

This chapter is a free excerpt from The Forbes Model For Journalism In The Digital Age.

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The future is bright for all forms of journalism, long-form included. The supply of credible – and I stress credible – information can’t seem to meet the insatiable demand for news in the digital era. If you want to cover a beat and write a 5,000-word story, then you need to find and build an audience for it – and that takes time and a new level of expertise. The rise of digital publishing, social media, and the resulting audience fragmentation requires journalists – for that matter, all content creators – to embrace and learn new ways.

I seem to have touched a journalistic raw nerve in discussing  in-depth reporting and writing, and how it’s finding a digital audience on, ReadItLater, longreads, The Atavist, and other Web sites, apps, communities, and startups that aggregate inquisitive readers. Nearly all the comments expressed some anxiety that a cherished media form was in danger of extinction and a measure of relief that perhaps there was still hope after all.
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