The Best Book on Yale Law School Admissions

by Kiel Brennan-Marquez

What's in the book?

Want to get into Yale Law School? In The Best Book On Yale Law School Admissions, Kiel Brennan-Marquez shares the secrets to getting into YLS!

    • Breakdown of the YLS Admissions process
    • Step-by-step instructions for writing the perfect essay and personal statement
    • LSAT Preparation and Test Taking Advice
    • List of exactly what YLS Admissions Officers are looking for
    • Links to high quality resources for reading more about each topic


Getting into YLS is no easy feat. In The Best Book On Yale Law School Admissions, recent YLS graduate Kiel Brennan-Marquez gives readers candid and insightful advice for every step in the admissions process. From 'Why YLS?' to writing a personal essay and requesting letters of recommendation, each chapter explores the process. Drawing from his own experience as an applicant and student, Kiel offers readers actionable advice about how to nail the LSAT, write the perfect personal statement and essay, and make the most of your experience as a YLS student.

This book breaks down Kiel's own winning essay and personal statement, and guides readers through the drafting process. With advice on what style guides to read, what NOT to include, and a direct analysis of what you must include in your application and why, no stone is left unturned. Readers will leave with a deep understanding of the YLS application process from beginning to end.

Wrapping up with personal stories, advice, and facts about YLS student life and New Haven, this book dives deep into admission and beyond.

Letter From The Author

Dear Reader, If you are reading this letter, you likely have an interest—nominally at least—in law school admissions. Which naturally prompts the question: Why this book? Why take up with this particular admissions guide, when others clearly abound—others of a more general variety, with an author of more traditional composure, and which include exclamation points and checklists and other accoutrement of Guidance to which you are, no doubt, accustomed? And I will tell you why, Dear Reader. This book has pluck; it is infused with a combination of honesty and carefree humor that not only avoids undermining, but indeed enhances, the altogether dryer and more adult subject matter to which the book’s formalities are dedicated. At times, the admissions process will be long and harrowing. Trust me when I tell you that a long, harrowing admissions guide will not ease the process. Despite contrary appearances, this book was penned for a general audience, not just for applicants to Yale Law School; indeed, not just for law school applicants. Therefore, even as I recommend the book wholly and exuberantly to law school applicants, I also recommend it—just as wholly and just as exuberantly—to potential readers who have chosen a different course in life. Finally, Dear Reader, you needn’t worry: the rest of the book is written quite differently from the present letter. It is written more directly, less indulgently. In my own estimation, it is written more like a book ought to be written. Thanks—I do hope you’ll give this a chance. Kiel Brennan-Marquez

Things You'll Learn:

  • What questions you should ask yourself before applying.
  • How being yourself and following instructions works to your advantage in the application process.
  • The top 6 pointers for writing a winning admissions essay.
  • Why YLS?
  • A thorough breakdown of the LSAT and its components (and which parts are important!)
  • Recommended LSAT prep materials.
  • Examples of effective LSAT study regimens.
  • How to market yourself as the perfect Yale Law School applicant.
  • The different drafting stages of the perfect personal statement for YLS.
  • What NOT to include in your application.
  • A list of additional resources related to the LSAT, YLS, and the application process.
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