The Best Book on Northwestern University Law School Admissions

by Donald Snead and Taryn Nakamura

What's in the book?

Northwestern Law Admissions expert guides hopeful applicants from application and writing the perfect essay, to post-grad job searching.

    • The key qualities Northwestern looks for and how you can showcase them
    • Northwestern Law’s interview questions and tips to impress your interviewer
    • Step-by-step guide to brainstorming, drafting, and editing your personal essay
    • Sample law school resume and professional formatting tips
    • Sample schedule of Northwestern law student


In 2011, U.S. News & World Report ranked Northwestern University Law School 12th in the nation. Northwestern is known for its business school tilt, and Northwestern graduates gain the skills and practical experience that employers desire. In 2007, 73.5% of the class took jobs at NLJ 250 firms. Whether you’re a senior in college or a working professional, learn how to stand out in an applicant pool of 6,000. Northwestern Law Alum, Donald Anthony Snead, walks you through the application process and gives you the tips to shine in every part of the application: personal essay, recommendation letter, resume, LSAT, and interview.


I know that most Northwestern law students have at least 1 year of work experience, but I want to apply to Northwestern as a senior in college. Can this book help me?

This book was written with students like you in mind. Donald Snead, co-author of the book, also applied and was accepted straight from college. He gives tips on how to showcase the experiences you do have and convey a clear career vision to the admissions committee.

I’m interested in Northwestern Law, but I don’t think I have a high enough GPA. Is this book applicable to people like me?

Absolutely! The Northwestern admissions process involves more than just grades. You’ll learn how to show intangible qualities like leadership and diverse perspectives that Northwestern prizes in students. There are tips for interviewing, writing a personal statement that shines, and acing the LSAT. Don’t let your undergraduate GPA be a barrier in your decision to apply to law school.

I’ve been out of school for five years and I’d like to change careers. Is it too late to go to law school?

No! Work experience is something Northwestern loves to see, and the skills you learned in the workplace carry over to classes at Northwestern Law School. With your experience, you’re in an ideal position to choose a law path that suits your personality. You’ll walk through the steps of deciding if law school is right for you and whether Northwestern is a good fit.

Things You'll Learn:

  • 6 reasons Northwestern Law might be a good fit
  • How to choose the law path that’s right for you
  • Concentrations at Northwestern University Law
  • 3 qualities to highlight on your application
  • Application checklist and deadlines
  • 7 things every transfer student should know
  • Tips for beating the test day jitters
  • List of LSAT prep blogs and free online resources
  • How to select your most valuable experiences for your law school resume
  • Formatting and writing tips for a professional look
  • Who to choose as your recommendation writer
  • Should you write the optional essay?
  • The interview question that stumps most applicants and how to prepare for it
  • What Northwestern looks for in interviews
  • Teaching methods and the business-oriented curriculum
  • Extracurriculars, social scene, academic competition and dating life overview
  • How to find law jobs in every year of law school

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