The Best Book on Naturopathy

by Julie Tran

What's in the book?

Julie Tran, an experienced naturopath, shares the secrets to starting a career in naturopathic medicine.

    • 6 basic principles of naturopathy
    • A comprehensive guide to naturopathic education, including inside advice for writing a great application essay
    • 5 tips to ace your interviews
    • How to choose a specific modality
    • How to build a successful practice and strong client base


The Best Book on Naturopathy teaches you everything you need to know about the admissions process at naturopathic medicine schools. Julie Tran has been through the process and is now a successful and experienced naturopathic doctor. The Best Book answers all of your questions, including the basic principles of naturopathy, how to decide whether a career in naturopathy is right for you, and how to write an effective admissions essay.

Julie teaches you easy-to-follow steps for completing each component of the naturopathic school admissions process. Readers will learn the best ways of picking and preparing recommendation letter writers, what to expect during the interview, and more!

In addition to showing you exactly how to get into the naturopathic medicine school of your

choice, the book includes advice on how to thrive both during and after school. Learn how to start your own successful practice by marketing your services and building a loyal client base.


I don’t know much about naturopathic medicine. Is this book for me?

Absolutely! The book provides a great foundation of the principles of naturopathy as well as in-depth information on transforming a passion for the subject into a career.

Inside the book, you’ll learn the 6 major principles of the naturopathic philosophy, which include treating the whole person and teaching healthy habits. You’ll also find information on naturopathy modalities like acupuncture and homeopathy.

I’ve decided to pursue a career in naturopathy. How can this book help me?

The Best Book On Naturopathy will help you identify and conquer the next step. About 50% of the book provides helpful information on naturopathic education.

I’m already studying naturopathic medicine. What can this book do for me?

Education is only one component to a career in naturopathy. During school, you need to choose a modality if you want to specialize and pass the NPLEX.

In this book, find tips to help you ace the NPLEX. Find out which states license naturopathic doctors and begin setting up a practice. This book provides resources to smooth that process.

Get started!

Letter From The Author

Dear Reader,

I'd like to let you know why I wrote The Best Book On Naturopathy.

First, I wanted to encourage other people with an interest in naturopathic medicine to pursue a career in the subject. At the same time, make sure this is something you want to commit to. Becoming a licensed naturopathic doctor involves years of education and clinical experience.

Second, I wanted to create a practical guide to naturopathic education. Finding the right school can be tricky. You’ll need to consider location, classes, and professors. Choose the best school for you.

The admissions process is never fun. Inside, you’ll find helpful tips for writing your application essays, what to look for in a recommendation letter, and advice to ace your interview. In addition to a guide on admissions, you’ll find an overview of naturopathic school where you will learn about core classes, clinical experience, and modalities to make the most of your experience.

Finally, graduation is only the beginning a career in naturopathy. Classes don’t prepare you for setting up your own practice and treating patients. In this book, I’ve created an easy guide to considering your own practice and setting up appointments with patients. Building a client base will take a couple years—be patient!

Transforming an interest in and passion for naturopathic medicine into a career can be challenging. Only a few states and provinces currently license naturopathic doctors. You’ll need to make difficult decisions about where to practice, what school to attend, and which area to specialize in.

Transform your passion into a fulfilling career. Good luck!


Julie Tran, N.D.

Things You'll Learn:

  • How to teach and empower patients to prevent disease
  • Finding the right practice for you
  • The difference between research and clinical practices
  • What schools are looking for in an application essay and letters of recommendation
  • How to write a great essay for naturopathy school admissions
  • The 40+ core classes you’ll need to take
  • Information on studying for and taking the NPLEX
  • Resources about state licenses and accredited schools
  • How to build a client base
  • The 8 main modalities of naturopathy
  • Choosing the right modality for your personality and interests

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