The Best Book on Medical Residency

by Mike Ybarra

What's in the book?

How To Prep, Apply, Interview & Match

    • Step-by-step guide to preparing, applying, interviewing and matching to the medical residency program
    • Keys to success during the application process
    • Strategic tips & helpful hints for your applications and interviews
    • Lists & resources for your search
    • Sample questions & answers for interview day
    • A breakdown of a resident’s typical day
    • Advice on how to choose your residency specialty
    • Explanations of ERAS & NRMP
    • Tips on writing your personal statement


Medicine has long been a top profession—whether you’re just starting med school, or you’ve begun the process of applying to your residency, this eBook will guide you through the process, provide invaluable advice and answer your questions about the preparation, application, interview and Match. Along with these key points, author Mike Ybarra, MD also addresses how to choose a specialty field; what makes for a successful resident; and how to decide which program is the best “fit.”

Beyond these more general concerns, most med students have questions or worries about their personal statement and the interview day; within these pages is a full explanation of both, along with strategic tips and actionable advice on how to tackle the difficulties of applying to residency programs! In 2011, 30,598 applicants vied for 23,421 first-year residency spots; Learn the ins-and-outs of making your number 1 Match a reality! From the first inklings of your future career, through the ERAS application and NRMP matching, get a full break-down of all the essential information from a highly qualified member of the profession.


I’m still an undergrad, but I’m thinking about med school. Would this book be at all helpful? While this eBook’s primary focus is on those who are on the way to applying to residency programs, definitely yes! Especially if it’s a serious consideration, the sooner you start getting a feel for how the whole system works, and start thinking about the important questions and issues raised in the book regarding your own personal path to a career in medicine, the better. If nothing else, it will give you a better idea of what such a career would require, and help you to make the decision of whether or not it’s something that you’d like to pursue. I’m freaking out about my personal statement. How important is it? As you’ll read, your personal statement is important, and it should be a reflection of you. However, if you’re overly-anxious about it, it probably isn’t as important as you think it is. This eBook will take you step-by-step through your application, including the personal statement; it will let you know what sorts of things to include, and what sorts of things to leave out. In the end, whether it’s the personal statement or the interview or some other aspect of the application process that’s making you anxious or uneasy, a little knowledge will go a long way in assuaging your worries... I’m having trouble choosing which specialty field to apply to. How will this book help? For one, it breaks down each major specialty, and sub-divides them by general characteristics, with further nuances along the finer divisions. That way, you can try to “filter” your primary interests down into an appropriate specialty. Second, the eBook also suggests ways to schedule your rotations and your shadowing according to your instincts to better serve the decision-making process. In all of this, of course, the key is experience. So take the opportunity to shadow as often as you can, and approach each experience whole-heartedly. You never know if something you never even considered may strike a chord in you!

Letter From The Author

Dear Medical Student, Congratulations on making it this far in your medical training! Soon enough you will be a doctor! The next major hurdle standing between you and your dream is the residency match. Having lived and breathed the match myself, and helping a number of medical students through the process I hope this eBook answers the questions many of you are wondering and sheds light on the twists and turns of this nearly year long process. My hope is that by the end, you will find your perfect match and be able to move on to planning your vacation between medical school and the start of residency (I’m sure there’s another great eBook for that!). Sincerely, Michael Ybarra

Things You'll Learn:

  • What is residency?
  • The 4 phases of the application process
  • The 3 keys to residency success
  • “Away” and “audition” electives, and their importance
  • What Is Residency All About?
  • Structure of residency
  • Exposure and training
  • Length of various residencies
  • Testing during residency
  • Salary, debt, and hours
  • A“Day In The Life” Of A Typical Resident
  • An hour-by-hour break-down of an intern resident’s day
  • Advice for the training process
  • Why your specialty is more important than the program
  • Shadowing and why it’s vital to the process
  • A break-down of specialties and sub-specialties
  • The author’s personal experience in choosing his specialty
  • Research resources
  • What are the ERAS
  • How to write the perfect personal statement
  • How to go about letters of recommendation
  • Asking questions in your interview (what to ask, and to whom to ask it)
  • All about the interview
  • The pre-interview social event: What to expect, what to avoid
  • Keys for interview preparation
  • Structure of the interview day
  • Sample questions that you'll ask
  • Sample questions that they'll ask
  • All you need to know about the matching phase
  • The NRMP and how it works
  • How to successfully match
  • Rankings
  • Who to talk to and who to email
  • Perspective on the entire residency process
  • Keys to being a successful resident

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