The Best Book on Ivy League Football Recruiting

by Scott Britton

What's in the book?

Scott Britton, a former Ivy League football player shares the secrets to college recruitment in the Ivy League.

    • Quality advice from our expert, Scott Britton, including insight on GPA, SAT scores, AP classes, summer camp and combines.
    • A concise timeline of the application process from freshman to senior year of high school.
    • A breakdown of effective highlight tape content.
    • Steps to take when you receive an exploding offer.
    • Thorough explanations of the Band System.
    • Understanding the Likely Letter and the Campus Visit.
    • Tables reviewing the academic and athletic programs available at each Ivy League.


Are you a high school athlete with dreams of gaining admission to an Ivy League school?

Are you feeling the pressure of the college application process and finding yourself lost in all the jargon like ‘highlight tape’, ‘combines’ and ‘exploding offers’? Don’t panic, we’ve got you covered. Ivy League Football recruiting can be both a long and incredibly competitive process. This book will give you a basic outline of what to do and what NOT to do as you navigate your way through the application period.

Ivy League Football Recruiting is broken down into simple steps so that you can understand the application timeline and start coming up with a winning strategy. With this eBook you can learn how to make a highlight tape and good impression on both your high school and prospective college team coaches.


I understand how everything surrounding the college application is important, but is it really necessary to pay attention to the creation of a highlight tape?

Yes it is. The highlight tape is the best way the school’s coaching staff can see your performance in a game aside from attending one of your high school’s games. The clips you include in the tape can affect how the coaches see you and will help them determine whether your position in the team. The highlight tape has to be short and to the point. It has to have a sufficient amount of plays, and have a full-length game at the end. Embellishments will not work in your favor. Overall, the highlight tape, along with your college application, GPA and performance at a camp and combine are the major deciding factors for the admissions process.

I’ve heard about resources that help you with the athletic recruiting process. How helpful are those?

While I do know that a lot of people use BeRecruited and other tools to understand the application process further, I don’t really advise anyone to go to online resources that ‘guarantee’ admission into Ivy League schools. I understand that students and parents want that extra feeling of security, but sometimes, those end up being really big scams, and I do know some people who have lost thousands of dollars to these recruiting sites.

Do the same steps apply if I want to be admitted into a non-Ivy League school?

Even in the Ivy League, the requirements for admission vary slightly. While the common application or the general application process are mostly uniform, there are other factors, such as the Band System and the Academic Index that affect your chances of admission into a certain university. A lot of decisions are based on how your personality reflects on the materials you submit. They want a student who will integrate well within the community.

Letter From The Author

Dear Reader,

Let me first thank you for taking an interest in this book—I genuinely hope you find it to be an informative guide to the Ivy League Football recruiting process. I wrote this book to demystify some of the common misperceptions surrounding ivy league football and make the recruiting process more manageable for student athletes. I hope that my authentic opinions and experiences provide a good guideline for effectively handling the process and managing expectations.

Best of luck!

Very sincerely,

Scott Britton

Things You'll Learn:

  • The Top Three Things Coaches and Schools Look For in Your Application
  • The Importance of Studying Film to refine your technique
  • How relationships with your high school coaches can help you in the future
  • How AP Classes and SATs will impact your college athletic career
  • The importance of understanding how the Band System works
  • Using the football camps to attract coaches and showcase your talent
  • Easy tips to remember when creating your Highlight Tape
  • Making a good impression on your campus visit
  • Understanding the Likely Letter
  • What to do with an Exploding Offer

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