The Best Book on Ivy League Admissions

by The Hyperink Team

What's in the book?

Learn everything you need to know about Ivy League Admissions!

    • A Step-By-Step Guide to a Successful Admissions Essay
    • 5 Questions you’re Guaranteed to Hear at Admissions Interviews
    • How to Make your Extracurriculars Truly Distinctive and Outshine 95% of Applicants
    • How to Avoid the 5 Top Mistakes Every Applicant Makes
    • The Exact Strategies that Got Our Authors into Harvard, Stanford, Yale, and more


We've been in your shoes before, and we've succeeded. We all had our weaknesses - for some, it was a low GPA; others, lack of 'Club President' on their resume, not taking an AP or IB class; still others went to schools where they were literally the first ones ever accepted into an Ivy League-caliber school.

Why are we doing this? Part of the motivation is seeing the helplessness and stress of our friends going through the process - from younger sisters to family friends to mentorship programs. We see you guys (and girls) asking the same questions and making the same mistakes. We feel like the path to admissions success can be SO OBVIOUS - but only once you've already been through it! We want to help - and after personally experiencing this ourselves, we know that Kaplan and Princeton Review can only go so far.

We've decided to share our stories, in detail, so you can learn our exact strategies, insights, techniques, and even materials that we used.

What do you have to do to get into your dream school? We can guide you every step of the way to your Ivy League entrance.

Getting into the Ivies is not just about tricks to writing an application: you need to work right, think right and act right for years. Our e-book, The Best Book On Ivy League Admissions, will tell you how to make yourself the most attractive student out there.

It’s guaranteed to improve your chances to get into your dream school.

Now let's get started!


I’m a middle school student/high school freshman or sophomore. Am I too young to be able to use the guide?

The sooner you start focusing your activities on getting into the right schools, the better chance you have! We have sections of the book dedicated to the work you should be doing from the time you’re in Middle School to Admit Weekend once you’ve been admitted.

I’m a parent of a high school student. Is the guide helpful for me? Is there advice specifically for parents?

As a parent, motivating your child to work smart, not just hard, is the best possible thing you can do for their chance to get into the Ivy League. Even if your son or daughter is not preparing their applications just yet, knowing this information as a parent can help them years in advance, so that when it comes time senior year to write those applications, they’ll already have built a strong resume and won’t be scrambling to make up the community service hours and extracurricular clubs they should have joined.

Does this book have advice for how transfer students can get into the top schools?

Yes! This book has an entire section dedicated to advice for transfer students. One of our experts, Tyler White, is a Stanford transfer from UMich, where he spent his freshman year. In addition, a lot of the overall admissions advice applies to transfer students as well, especially the essay, recommendations, and campus interview sections.

Things You'll Learn:

  • The 5 unspoken questions admissions officers want answered in applications
  • Why passion is the most important quality you can show
  • The 1 question to ask that will make your essay stand out
  • How to turn an everyday experience into an outstanding essay
  • The 6 traits to look for in a school at admit weekend
  • The advanced program that admissions officers most want to see
  • How to get the real story from students you meet
  • 5 statements your application must make to get ahead of the competition
  • The 3 things your college counselors can do for you that you’d never know about!
  • Whether community college classes can help you get into top schools
  • Online college level programs that Ivy League schools do notice
  • The 3 big extracurriculars and how the Ivies rank them
  • How sports can help your resume, even if you don’t intend to play in college
  • 3 keys to getting into the Ivy League if your GPA is low
  • For International Students: What English skills the admissions committees are looking for
  • The 3 most common weaknesses in an international application
  • 3 subjects admissions & alumni interviewers want to talk about, and the 1 that they don’t
  • How to show your persona and character in your application
  • 4 things your recommenders need you to do to help them write great letters
  • How to get past myths and find out what schools are really like
  • The key differences between the SAT and the ACT, and which one the Ivies respect more
  • Study practices that will help you get 2400s, 36s, and 5s!
  • Using Harvard Summer School to get you in for real
  • 4 programs you should consider every summer to impress the Ivies
  • When to make the extra push with more recommendations and information
  • 5 keys to writing a transfer application that gets you into the Ivy League
  • Step-by-step plan to getting off the wait list
  • How to know if a school wants supplemental materials

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