The Best Book on Investment Management Jobs

by Rich Lemanski and Charles Limley

What's in the book?

Veteran Investment Advisor Shares Inside Secrets To Breaking Into The Investment Management Industry

    • The differences between large investment banking firms and independent advisory groups
    • Advice and insider knowledge by long-time investment advisor Rich Lemanski
    • List of the best resources to consult when preparing for a career in investment management
    • How to write a compelling resume, and how best to use your resume to get hired
    • Detailed outline of what you need to do while still in school to stay on track for getting hired before graduation
    • How to give an effective interview
    • What to expect in your new career


The field of investment management can be both personally rewarding and lucrative. However, for just those reasons, it’s also becoming increasingly more competitive. It’s imperative to follow a plan of action that will set you apart from all other applicants. In this book, expert Rich Lemanski provides the insider information needed to understand what firms are looking for, and how you can utilize your educational and professional backgrounds to make yourself a well qualified and highly attractive job candidate.

Whether you’re still researching undergraduate programs to apply for, you’re halfway through an MBA degree, or you’re already a professional looking to make a career change, this eBook will enable you to figure out the best ways to break in to the field. Rich shares his best tips for how to begin networking, and explains how this can become a valuable source of information about particular firms.

As your professional network expands, learn how to craft a resume that can become the script for telling a personal story interesting enough to grab the attention of associates, recruiters and job interviewers. By following this book’s outline for interview preparation, you’ll understand what to expect in an interview and how best to respond to questions.

The tips and information contained in this book are designed to provide you the knowledge and skills necessary to become a smart, savvy and competitive candidate for a career in investment management.


I’ve heard people talk about investment management, but I’m not really sure what this field is or what a person working in this field does. Will this book be over my head?

Not at all! The Best Book On Investment Management Careers is geared to inform and assist all people interested in the field of investment management, regardless of previous knowledge or background. In fact, Rich didn’t begin studying anything related to investment advising until after receiving a bachelor’s degree in structural engineering. This book will explain what an investment advisor does and how anybody can prepare to enter this field as a well-prepared job candidate.

Can this book help me perform better in job interviews?

I recently graduated from college, and am debating whether or not to pursue an MBA. Can this book help me figure out the best option for me?

The Best Book On Investment Management Careers provides detailed outlines of what should occur during each semester of an undergraduate program as well as an MBA program. It also provides information on the types of salaries job candidates can expect based on their educational background. Together, this information can help you figure out the best route to take as you consider becoming an investment advisor.

Letter From The Author

Dear Reader,

Thank you for adding this book to your job search materials as you pursue a career in investment management. Since Lehman Brothers filed for bankruptcy in the fall of 2008, the world of financial services has seen many changes, and no area has been immune to some sort of additional regulation or scrutiny. Investment management professionals, and Registered Investment Advisors in particular, have seen stronger growth in numbers as investors began to turn away from large, super-market firms toward more independent, trusted advisors.

Use this book as a first step to understanding some of the more intimate details of what you can expect from a career in investment management, and how to prepare yourself along the way for interviews and internships.

You'll quickly learn that becoming an investment advisor puts you in a unique position with your clients, where your advice may be sought in all financial decisions they face, not just how to invest their 401(k) savings.Best regards,

Rich Lemanski

Things You'll Learn:

  • The top 10 best resources to consult in starting an investment management career
  • Detailed breakdown of the investment management field
  • Descriptions of specific jobs within both large investment banking firms and independent advisory groups
  • Top 10 undergraduate business schools
  • Top 10 MBA programs
  • Information on professional credential programs for practicing investment advisors
  • The best format for an effective cover letter
  • How to make your resume become the script for your compelling personal story
  • What firms are looking for when interviewing job candidates
  • Three steps for effectively preparing for an investment management job interview
  • How to conduct a mock interview

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