The Best Book on How To Start A Mommy Blog

by Julia Levy

What's in the book?

Julia Levy, mother of 2, shares her story and lessons learned in starting Little Austinite.

    • The complete Best Book - Julia's 77 page course on creating a mommy blog
    • It's real advice, from an experienced mommy blogger.
    • Video clips of Julia sharing her best insights
    • It covers every aspect of creating a successful mommy blog
    • Search & marketing hacks to outrank and outsell competitors


Mommy blogging is a great way of connecting to a community and earning an income from home.

However, the process of setting up and running a blog can be intimidating. Both the technical and writing aspects of running a blog are crucial to any mommy blogger's success.

Julia Levy wrote this book to provide an easy-to-understand guide for the beginning mommy blogger.

Julia's blog, Little Austinite, caters to a niche audience of parents in Austin, Texas. After starting it in 2008, the blog expanded rapidly, earning 1000s of readers per month. In The Best Book, Julia will show you, step-by-step, exactly how she became a mommy blogger.


I already have a great idea for a mommy blog. Is this book still useful to me?

Absolutely. About 75% of the book focuses on aspects of blogging outside of ideas and content generation.

As a reader, you’ll get tips on blog layout, templates, advertising, and expanding your network in the blogosphere. Learn how to make your already great idea into a reality.

I don’t know how to code. Can I still become a mommy blogger?

Of course! Blogging doesn’t require a knowledge of coding. Most mommy bloggers use professional templates available from blog platforms and outside retailers.

The technical basics of running a blog, including templates, site hosts, and tech support are all covered at length in the book.

I don’t have a lot of free time as a mom. Could I still run a blog?

Yes! This book was created by a mom for other moms facing the same issue of time.

Included are tips to maximize your time as a mom and blogger. Learn how to work with 30 spare moments per day and integrate blogging into your daily life.

I run a mommy blog. How can this book help me?

Mommy blogging requires more than writing content.

This book details ways to increase blog traffic and build a network of other mommy bloggers. If you want to expand or monetize your blog, learn how to deal with advertisers and scale up in the future.

Letter From The Author

Letter From Julia

Hi reader!

By now, you should know what you’re getting when you buy the book and what types of things you’ll learn inside.

With the basics out of the way, I want to take a second and tell you exactly why I wrote the Best Book.

Blogging is a relatively new phenomenon. Mommy blogging, in particular, has really taken off in the last few years.

Some people may feel overwhelmed by the logistics of getting a successful blog off the ground, especially when time is limited.

First, as a mom, I wanted to help other moms save time blogging and find exciting content that fits within the day.

Running a successful blog doesn’t require a huge time commitment, but it does take organization, persistence, and patience.

The initial, logistical steps to starting a blog may require more time than the writing and editing that occurs once the blog is running smoothly. Don’t be discouraged by the initial time put into the blog; it will pay off later.

Second, I wanted other moms to avoid the mistakes I made early on.

I approached my blog a bit haphazardly. I never anticipated the success it would have, so I didn’t plan ahead as much as I should have.

Finding a site host, blog name, and marketing were all elements of blogging I had to learn on my own through trial and error.

When Little Austinite acquired a large readership, I had to scale up the blog and risk losing the material I had already posted because I didn’t have the logistical resources in place. That might have been avoided had I planned for expansion earlier.

Lastly, blogging isn’t only about content and readership. A large part of mommy blogging is in building a network.

Connecting with other mommy bloggers is crucial. Having a rapport with other blogs can allow you to share information and readers.

Networks of mommy bloggers can be found on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Google groups, within your city, or around the country. This guide will provide you with the resources to start building a network.

Find your voice, content, and others to share your experiences.

Good luck!

Julia Levy

Things You'll Learn:

  • Find content in limited free time: Moms hardly have time to get ready in the morning—much less write a blog! Learn how to integrate content into your daily life, so you don’t have to sacrifice time with your kids (even if you do want them gone for an hour or two).
  • Sketch out a basic blog concept: plan ahead early, so you don’t have to change everything once your blog takes off!
  • Target the right audience—whether a niche group or general readership: don’t let your subjects fall on deaf ears, even if they do at home. Find an audience, outside of family, early on.
  • Search for the professional template that fits your needs: which platform should you use? Should you use a professional or free template? Which layout won’t hurt your readers’ (and your) eyes?
  • Drive traffic to your blog with Facebook, Twitter, and SEO: Social media isn’t just for savvy college students anymore! Use social media to connect with other moms and draw traffic to the site.
  • Set up Google Analytics to track visitors to the blog: so addictive, it’s almost criminal. Use Google Analytics to track unique visitors, page views, and time spent on the site.
  • Kid-friendly topics that parents care about: cover basic questions parents want answered that you already know as a mom. Don’t just write a laundry list of Jack and Jill’s daily activities—no matter how exciting they may be!
  • 3 statistics advertisers look for in a blog: know what paying advertisers look for in a blog—unique IP addresses, page clicks, and average time spent on the site—so you can reap the profits from your time and effort.
  • 5 ways to monetize your blog: mommy blogging can be lucrative. Learn how to make money with ads, outside shops, and sponsorships.
  • Gauge reader response: track the posts your readers like most. Become a social media maven by checking Facebook “likes” and comments. Tailor your posts so readers come back for more!
  • Create a network of mommy bloggers: don’t spend all day alone with your kids! Tap into social media and local playgroups to find a network of moms to share triumphs and trials with.
  • Resources and examples for inspiration: look at popular mommy blogs like The Pioneer Woman and Dooce to find what works best (and what you would change!)

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