The Best Book on Harvard College Admissions

by Robert Wheeler

What's in the book?

Harvard College & HBS Graduate Shares His Secrets To Getting In!

    • Step-by-step guide to the Harvard application process.
    • Inside look at Harvard’s academics, culture, and networking opportunities.
    • Exclusive admissions tips.
    • Where a Harvard education might take you.
    • How to get the most out of your college experience.


Harvard College is one of the most sought-after higher education facilities in the nation, with an admissions rate of only 5%. If you’re a high school student or parent scoping out colleges, learn insider information about Harvard and discover how to give yourself the best chance for admission to one of the top Ivy League schools in the nation. Learn which extracurriculars, test scores, and essay formats impress Harvard admissions officers most. Learn how Harvard’s extensive financial aid package can help anyone admitted to afford a Harvard education. In this eBook, Robert Wheeler shares the tips and tricks that gained him admission into Harvard, graduate on time, and go on to complete a postgraduate degree at Harvard Business School.


I am not a genius at anything in particular, but I get good grades and test well, as do many people in my academic year. How can this book help my application to stand out?

Harvard College Admissions is full of advice from a Harvard graduate who was once in your shoes. He was good at a number of activities during high school, but was never overwhelmingly outstanding in anything in particular. In this book, he provides advice as to what to add to your application as far as extracurriculars and personal essays, to make a mark in the admissions office. If you’re thinking about applying to Harvard, you probably already know how difficult it is to be admitted. This book is full of tips and tricks to help your application shine brighter than the rest, and with some luck, help you to get into your dream school.

My family is not rich. Should I even bother to apply to Harvard?

This book provides a breakdown of the extensive financial aid opportunities Harvard provides, as well as advice on how to seek out scholarships.

What are the people who get into Harvard actually like, and how will this book help me to join them?

This eBook takes an inside look at Harvard culture, Harvard student life, and just how early a Harvard-bound student should begin to prepare for the application process. This includes expert advice on how to go about standardized test preparation, how to pick extracurriculars that will turn you into a leader, and how to begin crafting yourself as an ideal candidate early on. This book is crafted to provide you with advice, tips, and tricks to send you to Harvard as well as prepare you for Harvard student life.

Letter From The Author

Dear Reader,

I want to extend a sincere thank you for going to the time and expense of picking up this book. Whether you are a high school student considering applying to Harvard, the parent of a newly admitted student, or simply someone curious about what the place is really like, this book should give you many of the answers that you just can’t find unless you’ve actually lived life at Harvard.

Harvard is one of those places that – no matter how much is written about it – seems to have an impenetrable mystique. It’s as if all the movies, books, and stories about the place only serve to raise more questions than they answer and end up making it less instead of more accessible. The purpose of this book is to change all that. I want to help you understand what the admissions process and life at Harvard are all about. This book will peel away the Hollywood glamour, the media spin, and the University’s PR to introduce you to the real Harvard. The Harvard as it is experienced by the thousands of students who call it home at any given time.

Harvard holds a very special place in my heart. I have spent six of the best years of my life as a member of the community. I hold two degrees from the University. I met friends, colleagues, and mentors at Harvard who are integral parts of life to this day. I even met my fiancée while studying at the Harvard Business School. In this book, it is my goal to share with you the Harvard that I know. And for those of you who want to make Harvard a part of your life as well, I want to share with you the strategies that I used to open the door to this magnificent place.

So without wasting any more time, let’s dive in. I look forward to sharing the Harvard that I know with you. And also to helping you make Harvard your own.


Robert Wheeler, AB ’05 MBA ‘11

Things You'll Learn:

  • The Most Important Thing You Should Know About Getting Into Harvard.
  • Robert Wheeler’s best overall tips for the Harvard Application.
  • Why You Should (or Shouldn’t) Apply To Harvard.
  • Pros and cons of the Harvard experience.
  • Harvard Vs Yale Vs Stanford.
  • Comparison between Harvard and its West coast competitor, Stanford.
  • A Breakdown of general admission statistics.
  • Discussion about the “ideal” Harvard candidate.
  • Pros and Cons to hiring an admissions consultant.
  • A peek at the actual application process and advice therein.
  • Tips for success on the standardized tests.
  • List of potential test prep resources.
  • Tips/Tricks to Stave off Common Applicant Mistakes.
  • Breakdown of common mistakes.
  • Wheeler’s advice on common mistakes.
  • Wheeler’s advice on extracurriculars during high school.
  • Inside look at extracurriculars available at Harvard.
  • Harvard students give practical advice on activities during the campus visit.
  • What Harvard Looks For In Essays/Personal Statements.
  • Examples from Robert Wheeler’s essay experience.
  • Tips and tricks for essays and personal statements.
  • Harvard Culture.
  • Wheeler provides an inside look at the Harvard social scene and student life.
  • List of facts to counter common misconceptions about Harvard.
  • Sample week in Wheeler’s life as a Harvard undergraduate.
  • Networking opportunities at Harvard.
  • A look at Harvard’s Career Center.

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