The Best Book on Goldman Sachs Sales And Trading Internships

by Avnish

What's in the book?

Avnish Patel, a former Goldman Sales and Trading (S&T) intern, shares his recruiting secrets.

    • Inside glimpse of a day in the life of a Goldman Sachs S&T intern
    • Guide to commonly asked interview questions
    • Breakdown of Goldman Sachs's company hierarchy and culture
    • Step-by-step approach to making stock pitches
    • Useful tips and first hand advice to help you increase your interviewing success


The Best Book on Goldman Sachs Sales & Trading Internships gives you a competitive edge over other Goldman Sachs applicants through the author's insider advice. Avnish Patel has been through the Goldman Sachs internship application process and succeeded where most applicants fail. The Best Book answers all of your questions, including how to write a winning resume and how to impress your interviewer.

Avnish breaks down the best approaches to every component of the Goldman Sachs recruitment process. Readers will learn the best ways of connecting with Goldman Sachs recruiters, the anatomy of an effective cover letter, and what common mistakes to avoid during the interview process.

The author shares his own unique experiences at Goldman Sachs, providing unique advice and fascinating looks into Goldman Sachs's recruitment policies. In addition to helping readers maximize their chances of landing their dream internship, this eBook includes advice on succeeding during the actual internship.


Some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How do I show that I’m really serious about interning with Goldman Sachs without seeming over confident, cocky?

It’s okay to show that you want the internship you’re applying for but you want to be careful not to overdo it. You want them to feel that it not just benefiting you to work with them but it is actually beneficial to the company. Be honest, articulate, and answer the questions your being asked during the interview simply. You don’t have to try and impress the interviewers with elaborate answers. They’d rather you answer their questions without any fluff. They don’t expect you to know everything, but they want to see how well you can articulate what you do know. As hard as it might be, try just to be natural and yourself.

Do I have to have a specific major in order to have a chance at landing a Goldman Sachs internship?

Majors that involve mathematics, business, economics, computer science, physics or engineering are genuinely preferred but that is not to say that other majors can’t get this particular internship. If you do have a major that has a more art or literature emphasis, you should make sure to take classes or have some aspect of your degree that shows you have developed strong technical and quantitative skills. Another thing to keep in mind is your GPA, an excellent grade point average will definitely help you standout, regardless of your major, because it shows your ability to dedicate yourself to something that’s important to you.

Do seminars really help, and is networking really important?

Yes! Anything you can do to help familiarize yourself with the field your going into or the internship you’re trying to acquire is always a good thing, that you can never had too much of. Networking is wonderful because it enables you to meet other people who can not only help you but who you could potentially positively affect. It’s not always about nailing a job, networking really helps you to build professional relationships that will give you an accessible resource to use when you need advice. Seminars are also valuable because they give you additional instruction, advice, and useful information that help you better prepare yourself for the field you’re trying to get in to. Both seminars and networking are beneficial.

Letter From The Author

Dear Readers,

I sincerely appreciate your willingness to dig in to the material found in this book, and earnestly hope that you will find it to be an all-inclusive guide to getting a sales & trading internship with Goldman Sachs. I believe you will find its contents thoughtful, personal, and unique, as it is the culmination of hundreds of hours spent reflecting on my experience at Goldman Sachs, speaking with other current and former interns and full time employees, and exploring related blogs, guides, and training materials.

Please note that while I believe this to be the most comprehensive and helpful book on the market about Goldman Sachs Sales & Trading internships, it is distinctly not an “official” guide. All opinions expressed are my own, and if I’ve misstated or misconstrued anything in this book, the fault is also my own, and not that of Goldman Sachs or my publishers.

Should you desire to contact me for individual consultation or just send a note my way, you can send me an email at

Best of luck!

Very sincerely,

Avnish Patel

Things You'll Learn:

  • What Goldman Sachs recruiters are looking for
  • What majors increase your chances of achieving an internship
  • How to use career fairs, workshops, seminars and networking to your advantage
  • What to wear in order to dress for success
  • Which materials to bring to your interview
  • Innovative ways to spruce up your resume
  • How to make your cover letter stand out in a pile
  • Use leadership positions and scholastic achievements showcase your professional talents
  • Master the correct cover letter format
  • Understand Goldman Sachs company culture and hierarchy
  • Create strong interviewing techniques with simple genuine statements
  • Preparation for multitudes of different interview questions

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