The Best Book on Goldman Sachs Investment Banking Jobs

by Lisa Sun

What's in the book?

An experienced former Goldman Sachs analyst, shares her secrets to landing a Goldman Sachs investment banking job.

    • A step-by-step guide to the entire application process.
    • List of research resources.
    • Tips for making your resume and cover letter shine.
    • How to tackle the interview process, along with sample practice questions.
    • What to expect from a Goldman Sachs investment banking internship and career.


If you’re looking for unique, strategic, and actionable tips to successfully navigate the recruitment, application, and interview process at Goldman Sachs, then this is the eBook you need to read!

Do you want to intern at one of the most competitive and professionally ranked firms in the world of global finance? Former Goldman analyst and recruiter Lisa Sun provides insider advice on how to land your investment banking internship at Goldman Sachs, and how this opportunity could turn into full-time employment.

The Best Book On Goldman Sachs Investment Banking Jobs is guaranteed to help you along the application, interview, and admissions process for both an internship and career in investment banking.

Now, let's get started!


I KNOW I have excellent credentials to be considered for a Goldman Sachs internship. How would reading this eBook help?

You might have the skills. You might have the knowledge. Actually, these will be essential cornerstones of your application. But what you need to know is how Goldman Sachs, from their end, measures and evaluates your candidacy. You need to know how to integrate that foundation into a cohesive presentation of “you.” Imagine, if you’re one of literally hundreds of applicants, what’s going to distinguish you? What’s going to make you stand out? In a game of inches, what will gain you those extra fractions of an inch which will help you surpass the competition? That’s what makes this eBook a must-read addition to developing your candidacy to its fullest potential!

There are so many resources out there. What makes this eBook worth my while, above and beyond some of the other resources available?

You’re right. There’s a plethora of resources at your fingertips. Which is both a blessing and a curse. How do you decide which resources are best? There’s an entire section devoted to succinctly summarizing which resources are important and what you’ll need to read as part and parcel of your research for the iBanking application process. Besides that, it’s a unique take on the entire process from the perspective of someone who’s experienced what you’re experiencing and succeeded! It will detail how to utilize your research in accomplishing your career goals.

I’m applying for a job at another investment banking firm. Can I still benefit from your eBook?

Certainly there’s a lot of cross-over information that would be of benefit for any applicant to consider in their job search found in the book! In a general sense, a lot of the strategic tips for networking, resumes and interviews within its pages would be widely applicable. More specifically, the practice questions, resources and research lists are specifically tailored for applicants applying for iBanking positions, and beyond that, the thrust of the book is really driven by the currents of the Goldman Sachs business culture specifically. You’ll get the most from the book if you’re specifically applying for a Goldman Sachs job in investment banking. But other applicants to other divisions or other banks will still find plenty of helpful information inside!

Letter From The Author

Dear Readers,

Whether you’re a current student just starting to explore a career with Goldman Sachs, or a few years out of school but considering a full-time analyst position, this book is your “one-stop shop” for all the tips and techniques you’ll need to get that job and internship offer.

I’ve reviewed thousands of resumes and selected dozens of students for interviews; I will show you exactly what to highlight from your academic and work experience to catch a reviewer’s attention. Don’t have finance or work experience? I will explain what other characteristics to bring out from your academic and extra-curricular experience and even include my resume bullet points for reference.

I’ve attended numerous on-campus and networking events as both a student and Goldman Sachs representative, so I can teach you actionable strategies and things to say that will create a lasting impression with your potential interviewers. Feel uncomfortable speaking in groups where other people are acting like sharks circling its prey? I will teach you what research to do in advance and how to act in order to gracefully enter and exit these conversations.

Having worked as an intern and full-time analyst, I will also give you an insider’s perspective of the Goldman Sachs culture and the investment banking division. No need to talk to every student, alumni and Goldman Sachs recruiter. This book is your comprehensive and concise guide to securing an offer with Goldman Sachs. Once you get the offer, this book will also provide on-the-job tips that will help convert your internship to a full-time offer and make you a successful Goldman Sachs employee.

Read on and I look forward to welcoming you to the Goldman Sachs family!


Things You'll Learn:

  • What Goldman Sachs recruiters are looking for
  • What majors increase your chances of achieving an internship
  • How to use career fairs, workshops, seminars and networking to your advantage
  • What to wear in order to dress for success
  • Which materials to bring to your interview
  • Innovative ways to spruce up your resume
  • How to make your cover letter stand out in a pile
  • Use leadership positions and scholastic achievements showcase your professional talents
  • Master the correct cover letter format
  • Understand Goldman Sachs company culture and hierarchy
  • Create strong interviewing techniques with simple genuine statements
  • Preparation for multitudes of different interview questions

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