The Best Book on Getting Into Venture Capital

by David Cummins Ankit Garg, and Linus Chung

What's in the book?

Experienced venture capitalists share their advice on breaking into the VC industry.

    • Information on venture capital for those not in the know
    • Advice on the right mindset for the industry
    • Details regarding what you should do to make yourself a more attractive applicant
    • A resume-writing guide guaranteed to make your resume shine
    • A step-by-step guide detailing what you should do before, during, and after an interview


In The Best Book On Getting Into Venture Capital 3 venture capitalists walk readers through everything they need to know about getting into the industry. From an industry overview and exploring the right mindset to succeed, to recommendations for the best places to look for jobs in venture capital, this book is an all-encompassing guide to all things VC.

Ankit, David, and Linus use personal and professional experience to walk their readers through exactly what they need to know: how to market yourself as an attractive applicant, how to nail the interview, and what skills and experiences are perfect for a successful career in venture capital. Their varying and unique experiences provide deep insight into the industry and provide guidance to those from all types of backgrounds, whether it's Silicon Valley or international VC experience you're looking to gain.

This book includes 5 tips to keep in mind while applying, details the perfect VC resume, walks readers through the interview process (including sample interview questions and answers), and recommends paths a career in venture capital can lead to.

If you're looking to land a job in venture capital, this eBook doesn't miss a step.


I’m interested in investing, but I’m not really sure if a job in venture capital is for me. Is there anything in this book for me?

The first chapter’s devoted entirely to explaining the ins and outs of venture capital—what it is, how it works, and what those employed at VC firms usually do. It’ll also teach you what sort of applications a venture capital position might have in the long run. And even if you aren’t planning on entering the field, a lot of the advice in this book could still be very helpful to you, particularly the sections on resume writing, networking, and the interview process.

So if I use this book, am I 100% guaranteed to get a venture capital position?

The short answer is no; there is no such thing as a guaranteed position. However, it will break down each step toward that position, and thoroughly pin point how to get the right educational and professional qualifications, apply to the right firm, have the right mentality along the way.

What this book does do is empower you to reach out and take the job yourself.

Letter From The Author

Dear Prospective Venture Capitalist:

Thank you for your interest in a venture capital position. It’s truly an exciting field to work in, particularly with all the developments we’ve been seeing in the business world of late. I hope this book is just what you need to get yourself into a position at a venture capitalist firm, and that you grow from the experience as much as I did.

Myself, Linus, and Ankit have all worked in and around start-ups for several years now, and we’ve all met with a great deal of success. In doing so, we each recognized the unique personal and professional qualities that helped us to succeed. Now, we’re sharing our personal insights on the field with you.

You’re a busy, ambitious individual, so you don’t have time for fluff. Don’t worry, you’ll find none in this book. You’ll gain a deeper understanding of the field, insight on the best methods for getting into venture capital, and the knowledge you’ll need to ace that interview- all without having to spend hours locating all the information online.

Working in venture capital means getting to meet a great many new people with vast knowledge in different fields. It means learning more every day about business and technology. It means witnessing—and coming to know—what it takes for a company to get funding.

If this sounds like the job for you, then hop to it—you’ve got everything you need right here. Cheers, David Cummins

Things You'll Learn:

  • What venture capital is and how it works.
  • The difference between venture capital and angel investing.
  • The three primary duties of a junior analyst at a VC firm.
  • The ideal professional background for venture capital.
  • What personal qualities make a good venture capitalist.
  • Developing the proper mindset for the field.
  • Why networking is important in venture capital, and how to do it effectively.
  • Where to look when trying to build relationships in the industry.
  • What jobs you should take before entering into venture capital, and why.
  • How to develop the skills necessary to succeed in the field.
  • How a venture capital position can help you in other careers.
  • How to write a winning resume and get a callback.
  • The importance of calculated risk-taking.
  • What websites you should keep an eye on to help yourself break into the field.
  • Where to look to find an open venture capital position.
  • Insight into how the hiring process for venture capital works.
  • How to ace an interview with a prospective firm—what you should do before and during each interview.
  • The five things you should remember after finishing an interview.
  • What to know about the field, and where to find that knowledge.
  • What you’ll likely be doing on your first day at a venture capital firm.

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