The Best Book on Getting A Voice-Over Job

by Michelle Brown

What's in the book?

Michelle Brown, a professor and voice-overs veteran, shows you how to get a voice-over job!

    • Step-by-step guide to finding and landing voice-over jobs
    • Instructions for creating an effective demo reel
    • Proven techniques for developing your voice-over talent
    • A detailed breakdown of the voice-over industry's inner workings


Imagine the excitement of hearing a radio spot and recognizing the announcer’s voice.

It’s YOU, having just recorded the ad as a professional voice-over artist.

Voice-over veteran and college instructor Michelle Brown has lived that very moment and she wants you to know the feeling! Michelle has created a tell-all of the voice-over industry packed with tools and tips, do’s and don’ts.

So, don’t touch that dial, don’t click away from this page.

Download this eBook and step up to the mike!

Inside, you'll find insider advice on where to find voice-over jobs, how to identify your voice's strengths, how to create a demo that properly showcases your talent, and more!


"I don’t live in a major media market like Los Angeles or New York. Would I have any opportunity to become a voice-over artist?"

You bet! The Best Book reveals the many types of voice-over work being generated by different industries and technologies. You may be focusing your attention on voice-overs in national radio ads, movie trailers or cartoon voices. That’s the tip of the iceberg. Corporate videos, audio books, and data recording are only a few of the many hiring opportunities — and these projects are being produced in cities large and small across the country. You don’t have to go to Hollywood or Broadway to make it as a voice-over artist!

"I don’t have a 'radio voice.' Do I really have a chance in the voice-over industry?"

The voice-over industry wants all kinds of voices as long they’re authentic, and that’s what The Best Book teaches. We all know the stereotypical “radio voice,” deep, smooth, almost too perfect. Voice-over artists are like on-camera actors—not all of them are 6-foot-4 with chiseled features. As we see in the motion picture and television industries, the voice-over industry seeks variety in gender, age, tone and accent. You can be yourself and be a successful voice-over artist.

"I don’t have a lot of money to spare. Will I need to make a big investment in equipment and recordings to start my voice-over career?"

Not at all. The Best Book shows you free and low-cost resources to create your demo reel and practice your craft. Free recording software and sample scripts are available on online (yes, we show you the sites). When you’re ready to expand your horizons, you can create a home studio using The Best Book’s guidelines. Fifty percent of professional voice-over artists have home studios, and you can work up to building your own affordable recording facility.

"I get nervous doing regular public speaking. How can I take the pressure of a recording session?"

Nerves are normal, and The Best Book teaches you how to conquer them. We show you the techniques for reading aloud from scripts, maintaining good tone and volume levels when using a microphone, and handling the most demanding producers and sound engineers. Confidence doesn’t come overnight, but it does come with practice — and The Best Book’s “insider tips.”

Things You'll Learn:

  • The variety of voice-over jobs: cartoons and movie trailers are the jobs everybody thinks of, but don’t forget audio books, local TV and radio ads, video games, computer and telecommunications recordings, and...whew, too many to mention here! Read the book to learn them all!
  • Industry terminology: learn the lingo to sound like a pro in the studio. Turn to page 8 for key terms and definitions.
  • The job hunt: discover the top sources for voice-over gig listings.
  • Networking: make the connections that will grow your career.
  • Talent agencies: how they can help you find work and develop as a voice-over artist.
  • Overcoming challenges: the 5 main challenges you’ll face as a voice-over artist, and how to overcome them.
  • Finding your voice: defining and loving your unique style.
  • Having what it takes: what are the 3 things you MUST DO to be a real pro? Find out on page 21!
  • Pay-offs and perks: the financial and personal rewards of being a voice-over artist.
  • Voice-over classes: what classes will teach you and how they’ll help you move ahead.
  • Scripts: how to find actual scripts to use for practicing and auditioning.
  • Timing: how to pace your vocal delivery to come in at the right length (not too fast, not too slow, just right!)
  • The demo reel: every voice-over artist needs a great demo reel to show off his/her talents. Learn the step-by-step process to create your own reel.
  • Auditions: how to control jitters, impress producers and get the gig!
  • Your daily routine: balancing practicing your craft, recording sessions and finding new jobs.

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