The Best Book on Designing iPhone and iPad Apps

by Michael Miller

What's in the book?

Expert app designer Michael Miller shares his secrets to designing a Top 25 App!

    • iOS device and app real estate
    • Identifying and targeting prospective users
    • The nitty of application design: using color, gestures, font, texture, placement, graphics and more to create a memorable and unobtrusive UI
    • Examples and explanations of 10 great apps


For iPhone and iPad users, mobile applications are an active part of daily life:

they help us get half-priced cocktails at the neighborhood bar, find a nearby pet supply store, and keep us up to date on the score of the home team. They’re being poked at and scrolled through as were rush through subway cars, cruise the grocery store, or need to pass the time while waiting for an always-tardy friend. Users who are often on the go use apps with specific objectives in mind, and are bounded by certain temporal and physical constraints.

The Best Book on Designing iPhone and iPad Apps walks experienced and beginning designers through the most important areas to consider when designing an Apple application. It delves into and uncovers how to identify and design for the iOS user’s specific expectations and needs. The eBook highlights successful design elements, breaks down iOS device real estate and features, and discusses how designers and developers can stay at the forefront of innovation in a quickly and consistently evolving app-centered world.


What types of apps does this book cover?

The Best Book on Designing iPhone and iPad Apps covers general design principles in addition to specific considerations for various types of apps: utility, productive, and immersive. Whether you're making an app that gives users mobile access to your company's website, or creating the next wildly addictive gaming app, this book will provide you with tips, tricks and resources to help you at every stage of the design process.

I don't know anything about designing iOS app. Is this book right for me?

I have an app in mind, but I’m not sure if its marketable. Can this book help me determine if there is a market for my app?

Identifying your target demographic and intimately understanding their needs is an integral part of product development and marketing. The Best Book on Designing iPhone and iPad Apps outlines various demographic research methods and discusses how developers and designers can uncover, and reach out to, the folks who will get giddy about their product.

Letter From The Author

Dear Hopeful App Developer,

Thank you so much for considering my book. I hope that the advice provided to you inspires your creativity to change the world with your creation. The tablet app market is a strong, growing and very promising business, in which a small team in Finland can dream of flinging birds towards pigs, and become overnight millionaires, or where a large corporation can re-connect with it's audience in fun new ways that make holiday shopping more joyous, and less painful.

The world of mobile and tablet apps is constantly changing. While scary to some, you should embrace this as an opportunity to throw your hat in the ring, and see if your contributions steer the world in a new direction, even if just a little bit.

For those interested in consultating, I can be contacted at

Best of luck to you. Here's hoping I see your app in the Top 25!

Michael Miller

Things You'll Learn:

  • How to transition your website to a mobile app
  • Native apps vs. browser-baed web apps
  • An operating system battle royale (Android vs. iOS)
  • The Apple Experience
  • Apple love (why people LOVE Apple products)
  • iOS Human interface Guidelines
  • iOS app real estate
  • iOS app features
  • The importance of aesthetics and ease of use
  • The role of color, text and language
  • Other elements (still graphics, animation and sound)
  • Getting professional help
  • Testing your prototype
  • Drafting your elevator pitch
  • Choosing a tagline
  • Generating a web presence

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