The Best Book on Debt Is For Dummies

by Kevin Yu

What's in the book?

Want to learn how to control your debt? In Debt Is For Dummies Kevin Yu, Co-Founder of DebtEye, shares the secrets to managing your debt.

    • The 6 different ways to eliminate debt
    • Step-by-step plans to help you control debt and create budgets
    • Guidelines on contacting creditors—including details on what NOT to say
    • A clear explanation of bankruptcy with pro/con analysis
    • Lists of web resources to help you tackle your debt


Debt. It’s not a matter of dollars and cents. It’s an epidemic that’s tearing apart lives across the country. As the negative numbers stack up in your personal finances, you may think there’s no way out. Think again. Financial industry pro Kevin Yu teaches you how to live debt-free. No gimmicks. No short cuts. Just the proven methods to eliminate debt and start a new life—all in this eBook!


I’m keeping up with my monthly payments and my finances are OK for right now. Can this book still help me?

Absolutely! The best time to launch a debt elimination plan is before you start falling behind. This e-book will teach you the warning signs that your debt is getting out of control. It will also teach you how to pay down debt faster WITHOUT big increases in your total monthly payments. This e-book also has plenty of tips on budgeting and saving.

I don’t see any way out of my debt mess. Bankruptcy seems to be the only answer. Is it too late to think about managing my debt?

Never! This e-book will show you debt facts you may have never known, giving you new techniques to take control of your finances. It also has a section on bankruptcy with all the pros and cons you need to consider. Don’t assume ANYTHING about your debt situation until you read this e-book!

Is this book just going to tell me to stop spending money and go live in a tent? I want to have a normal life AND no debt. Is this possible?

You bet! This e-book teaches you how to have a normal, satisfying lifestyle while getting rid of your debt. You’ll have to make tough choices through budgeting and smarter purchases, but you can save your tent for camping. Yes, things will change in your life—for the better!

My credit score is wrecked. Should I just throw in the towel, or can this book help me?

Even a damaged credit score can be repaired—and you should fix it to have a better financial future. This e-book gives you a step-by-step guide for rebuilding your credit score. It also tells you how to spot and fix mistakes on your credit report that unfairly damage your score. A bad credit score doesn’t have to be permanent, but you have to know how to improve it. This e-book will tell you how!

Things You'll Learn:

  • What Is Debt: defining debt in general and the specific issues it creates for you
  • Early Warning Signs: how to spot signs that your situation is spiraling out of control
  • 6 Main Strategies For Managing Debt: learning your choices for keeping your debt under control
  • Understanding Your Credit Score: demystifying the system that determines your ability to obtain credit
  • Debt Evaluation: figuring out the causes and severity of your financial problems
  • Income And Affordability Assessment: determining your cash flow and what you can pay on your debt
  • Negotiating With Creditors: 5 important tips
  • Debt Snowballing and Debt Stacking: 2 proven techniques to pay off credit cards
  • Credit Counseling: understanding exactly what will happen when you work with a credit counselor
  • Debt Settlement: negotiating your own settlement; using debt settlement companies
  • Bankruptcy: different types of bankruptcy; pros and cons
  • Debt Consolidation: definitions and dangers
  • Living Debt-Free: techniques for budgeting and saving
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