The 4 Top Reasons for Going to Business School

by Marquis Parker Steven Rao, James Hu, David Santos, Frank Tobler, Jeffrey Hu, Michael Medrano, and Brian Nguyen

This chapter is a free excerpt from The Best Book on Top Ten MBA Admissions.

1. You Get to Meet Other Top Business People

More than anything else, networking is the most useful aspect of business school.

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1. You Get to Meet Other Top Business People

More than anything else, networking is the most useful aspect of business school.

“Making friends” might seem like a simplistic reason for taking 2 entire years off of work and paying thousands in tuition, but the more experience you get in the business world, the more you realize that networking is key to any top business leader’s success.

People are the greatest resources in business, and networking is how you tap into that resource.

2. You’ll Develop a More Global Perspective

This reason goes hand in hand with networking, but being able to meet people from a wide variety of backgrounds in particular is really key to thriving in today’s increasingly international market.

When you’re working at the same job for several years, you’re only getting a narrow perspective of what’s going on. You only meet a relatively small amount of people at your work, and they tend to have similar backgrounds to your own.

If you want to meet the best and brightest business people from every industry and region of the world, business school is the best place to be.

Business school is more or less just an excuse to bring people from all of these backgrounds into the same room, and for that function alone, business school is worth every second and penny you spend there.

3. You’ll Develop Your Business Skills

While the classes at business school are no where near as important as the networking, there’s still a massive amount of great new things for you to learn, regardless of how experienced you are coming in.

Business school will teach you how to think like a business person for every aspect of the business process.

4. Business School Gives You a Breather From Work Life

In industries like investment banking, consulting, or private equity, you work for a massive amount of hours every week. When you’re busy for pretty much every moment of the day, you don’t really have a necessary amount of time to sit and think about things from a broader perspective.

When you’re at business school, you’ll have enough breathing room to really sit and think about what you want to do in life. For two or three years, you’ll be able to experiment with different things and hopefully find your true lifelong passion.
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