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3M, Taking Scotch Tape to New Lengths...The evolution of a household product

ABC News, Autistic Surfer Clay Marzo Masters Waves but Struggles on Land

Adam Jaffe, Adam B. Jaffe

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3M, Taking Scotch Tape to New Lengths...The evolution of a household product

ABC News, Autistic Surfer Clay Marzo Masters Waves but Struggles on Land

Adam Jaffe, Adam B. Jaffe

Alan Snyder, Edge; Dr. Alan Snyder

University of Minnesota Morris, Adolphe Quetelet, Adolphe Quetelet

Alpheus Bingham, Bingham, Alpheus

Alvy Ray Smith, Alvy Ray Smith

Ben Jones, Benjamin F. Jones

Brian Uzzi, Brian Uzzi

Bruce Adolphe, Bruce Adolphe

Bruce Miller, Bruce Miller M.D.

Charlan Nemeth, Charlan Nemeth

Charles Limb, Charles J. Limb, M.D.

David Bryne, David Bryne

Dean Simonton, Dean Keith Simonton, Professor

Don Lee, Don Lee of - Biography

Earl Miller, Earl K. Miller, Ph.D.

Ed Melcarek, InnoCentive, Perspectives on Innovation blog, Ed Melcarek

FT Magazine, Jonah Lehrer: The man with the big ideas

Goodreads, Author’s Page, Jonah Lehrer

Harvard Business Review, 3M's Sustainability Innovation Machine

Harvard Business Review, How Pixar Fosters Collective Creativity

Hawes Publications, Adult New York Times Best Seller Listings

Inc., Dan Weiden, Weiden+Kennedy Listing, Harold and the Purple Crayon

Jan Born, Jan Born

Joe Forgas, Joe Forgas

Jonah Lehrer, Jonah Lehrer

Jonathan Schooler, Jonathan Schooler

John Kounios, John Kounios

JWT Intelligence, Q&A with Ray Oldenburg

Karim Lakhani, Karim R. Lakhani

Keith Richards, Keith Richards

Keith Sawyer, R. Keith Sawyer

Kellogg Insight, Synchronicity Pays

LEMELS N-MIT, Inventor of the Week, Ruth Handler

Library of Economics and Liberty, Thomas Robert Malthus

Lile Jia, Lile Jia

Marcus E. Raichle, Marcus E. Raichle, M.D.

Mark Beeman, Mark Beeman

Mark Turner, Mark Turner

Michael Robinson, Dr. Michael D. Robinson

Milton Glaser, Milton Glaser, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt's Imagine: How Creativity Works by Jonah Lehrer Debuts at Number One on New York Times Bestseller Lists

Neuroself Subjective Neuroscience, Jonah Lehrer is Not a Neuroscientist

NPR Books, 'Imagine' That: Fostering Creativity In The Workplace

NPR Books, 'How Creativity Works': It's All In Your Imagination

New Yorker, Groupthink, by Jonah Lehrer

New York Magazine, Maple Syrup

New York Times, How to Cultivate Eureka Moments, 'Imagine: How Creativity Works' by Jonah Lehrer

New York Times, Health, A Disease That Allowed Torrents of Creativity

New York Times, Health Guide, Asperger Syndrome

New York Times Magazine, A Physicist Solves the City (Geoffrey West and Luis Bettencourt)

New York Times, Opinionator, Why We Need to Dream

New York Times, Opinionator, Mind Games

Ray Oldenburg, Project for Public Places, Ray Oldenburg

Reason, City Views, Jane Jacobs

Robert E. Lucas, Robert E. Lucas, Autobiography at

Rolling Stone, Bob Dylan's Folk Masterpieces Renewed

Sara Mednick, Dr. Sara C. Mednick Ph.D.

Scientific American, MIND Reviews: Imagine: How Creativity Works

Second City Theater and Training Center, The Second City

Simon Baron-Cohen, Professor Simon Baron-Cohen

Slate, The Old-Fashioned

Smart Planet, A bad mood can help you think more clearly

Stanislas Dehaene, Stanislas Dehaene

The Official Yo-Yo Ma Site, Yo-Yo Ma Biography

The Telegraph, Joni Mitchell: Everything about Bob Dylan is fake

Tom Allen, Thomas J. Allen

Ullrich Wagner, Ullrich Wagner

Vanity Fair, Splendor in the Grit

Waterstones Online Catalogue, It Ain't Me Babe: Bob Dylan and the Performance of Authenticity - Great Barrington Books by Andrea Cossu

Wired, Jonah Lehrer's article, On Bad Reviews

Zadie Smith, British Council, Literature, Writers, Zadie Smith

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