Should You Learn to Code?

by The Hyperink Team

What's in the book?

    • Does Everybody Really Need to Program?
    • Please Learn to Think About Abstractions
    • Learn to Code, Not Be a Pro Dev
    • Why Doctors Should Learn to Code
    • Why I Desperately Needed to Learn to Code
    • And More!


On May 15, 2012 Jeff Atwood (co-founder of Stack Overflow) published a blog post titled “Please Don’t Learn to Code” in response to Mayor Mike Bloomberg’s resolution to learn how to code in 2012. In that post he argues against “learning to code just for the sake of learning how to code,” a sentiment that sparked an active online debate.

This book is a compilation of several different perspectives on that debate.

Should programming be taught to every student as part of their core curriculum, similar to mathematics, reading, and writing?

Should every working professional take time to learn a programming language, even if their profession isn’t obviously related to technology?

Those are questions we each ultimately need to answer for ourselves. But for anyone who does decide to learn programming, there’s an ever-growing collection of free online resources designed to teach programming concepts and to walk newcomers through their first projects.

These are exciting times! We hope you enjoy this compilation.

-The Hyperink Team

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