Quicklet on True Blood Season 4 (TV Show)

by Nicki Bixler

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    • True Blood Season 4 Summary
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"It's been awhile since I got attacked by a vampire, and guess what? It still sucks." - Tara

Vampires. Those lusty, undead, sometimes romantic, sometimes downright vicious creatures cannot seem to die out in popular culture.

The Romantic Vampire

The first vampire came onto the scene in 1819 via a short story by John William Polidori, a buddy of the famous Romantic writer Lord Byron and Mary Shelley, author of Frankenstein. His vampire was “undead,” but was also a romantic hero just like those of Byron’s stories.

The Sexy, Evil Vampire

Bram Stoker published his infamous novel Dracula in 1897. His vampire used sexuality to coerce Victorian-era characters into his evil plans. True to the vampire myth we know today, Dracula slept in coffins, avoided the sun, and survived off of blood, especially of the human persuasion.

The “Shield Your Children’s Eyes” Vampire

The German-Expressionist film Nosferatu was released in 1922. It was an off-the-books adaptation of Dracula, but audiences saw a grotesque monster with sunken eyes, no hair, and elongated fingers made for grabbing young maidens. The vampire’s final scene shows him overly-engrossed in sucking the blood from the heroine.


Cue Johnny Cash.

Jesus and Lafayette have Casey’s body, and Jesus channels brujo power to successfully unbind Antonia from Marnie. All spells are lifted! The vampires charge inside, and Eric rips out Roy’s heart and feeds on it in front of Sookie. Bill shoots Marnie in the head, killing her. Will Sookie want to be with either of her violent vampire men after this reminder?

Later that night, when all seems peaceful again in Bon Temps, Marnie’s spirit enters Lafayette’s body. Boy does it suck to be a medium. Will Lafayette have to deal with this problem whenever some baddie from Bon Temps dies?

Episode 12: “And When I Die”

The next morning Lafayette stabs Jesus’s hand with a fork, and Jesus figures out that Marnie has taken over his body. Lafayette/Marnie ties Jesus up and forces him to summon his brujo magic. Once he does, Lafayette/Marnie stabs him.

Sookie asks Sam for her job back at Merlotte’s since Tommy fired her.

Alcide tells Sookie that she should stop going after these vampires and stick with him so that he can protect her. She tells him no. At that moment he receives a call about the concrete job he did on Russell Edgington’s grave; it has been broken.

Tara sees Jesus’s body and leaves to grab Holly and Sookie. They head over to Bill’s only to find he and Eric tied with silver on top of a pyre. Lafayette/Marnie lights it on fire in front of the girls. Holly creates a salt circle, and Sookie uses her faerie magic to see the brujo spirit inside Lafayette. They then summon the dead to help them, and the spirits come out of the cemetery. Antonia helps by blowing out the flames, and Gran pushes Marnie’s spirit out of Lafayette.

Renee’s ghost finds Arlene and warns her about Terry, saying that he has met many of Terry’s past ghosts. At that time, Patrick, Terry’s old war buddy shows up at Merlotte’s.

Jason admits to Hoyt that he and Jessica had sex, and Hoyt punches him in the face. Later Jessica stops by Jason’s, and they sleep together again, but Jessica tells him that she does not want to be in a relationship after all. After she leaves, Jason opens the door to a visitor who happens to be Rev. Steve Newlin of the Fellowship of the Sun, anti-vampire religious group. It just so happens that he is now sporting fangs! Duh, duh, duhhhhh!

Lafayette is distraught over Jesus’s death, but Jesus appears and tells him that because he is a medium, he will always be with him. This is one bright spot regarding this medium business.

Nan arrives to order the true death of Bill and Eric, but knowing they could just as easily kill her, she asks them to join her in fighting against the Vampire Authority. They think about it until Nan announces that she knows what Sookie is. Eric swiftly kills the guards, and Bill stakes Nan in the heart. This team-up of Eric and Bill could prove to be titillating in future episodes if they stick together.

Debbie shows up at Sookie’s with a shotgun aimed to murder her. As she shoots, Tara jumps in to save her sister-friend and is hit in the head by a bullet. Sookie flips out, grabs the shotgun, puts the barrel under Debbie’s chin and shoots her. The last image audiences are left viewing is of Sookie hysterically screaming for help.

Background and Basics

“I’m staying away from vampires, I can guaran-damn-tee you that.” - Sookie Stackhouse

Sookie Stackhouse

Sookie is a sweet yet spunky waitress at Merlotte’s whose only living relative is her brother Jason. Sookie has also been in and out of love with vampire Bill Compton. After drinking vampire Eric Northam’s blood to heal after a bad injury, she began seeing him in some super-sexy dreams, which is typical behavior after drinking a vampire’s blood. She also saw a vulnerable side to Eric back in Season 2 when he interacted with his maker Godric. Additionally, Sookie recently learned that she is part fairy and has an awesome power in which she can shoot light out of her fingertips and forcefully throw baddies backward. She also knows now that fairy blood is just about irresistible to vampires.  

Bill Compton

Bill is a 173 year old vampire who lived as a human in Bon Temps and fought in the Civil War...

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