Quicklet on Norman Vincent Peale's The Power of Positive Thinking

by Joseph Taglieri

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Dr. Norman Vincent Peale was born on May 31, 1898, in Ohio. He earned degrees from Ohio Wesleyan University and Boston University School of Theology. He was ordained a Methodist minister in 1922, but in 1932 he converted to the Reformed Church in America. He spent 52 years as the pastor of Marble Collegiate Church in New York City.

He has written over 40 books including The Positive Power of Jesus Christ (1980), You Can if You Think You Can (1987), Thought Conditioners (1989), and Power of the Plus Factor (1987).

The Power of Positive Thinking was original published in 1952, and was Peale’s most popular book ever written.

It’s sold more than 20 million copies worldwide, and it’s been translated in 41 different languages. In addition to its print format, this book has also been converted into audio tapes and ebooks. This book has been used as the basis for many other books, classes, and theories on positive thinking. Almost 50 years after its original publication, this book is still in print. It’s been reprinted multiple times, and it’s still a highly read self-help book.

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