Quicklet on How I Met Your Mother Season 3 (TV Show)

by Hayley Igarashi

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How I Met Your Mother has a misleading title. Sure, the premise focuses on a father telling his kids how he first met their mother, but it’s really just about life — Ted finding his future mate is just a small part of that story.

Season 3 of the hit CBS comedy series continues to revolve around Ted Mosby, struggling architect, and his four best friends. This time, however, the dynamic is a bit different than in the previous seasons. Marshall and Lily are married, and as of last season’s finale, Ted and Robin are broken-up. Barney continues to be his hilarious womanizing self, but no one expects or desires that to change any time soon.


Hayley Igarashi is a student at UC Davis preparing to graduate this summer with a degree in both history and philosophy. She likes learning new things about the past and the present, but her guilty pleasure is a good science fiction tale set in a distant, often dystopian future. When not studying for school, she enjoys reading books while drinking a hot cup of tea, watching movies while eating junk food, and spending time with friends and family in invigorating outdoor settings.


Moving On

Perhaps the biggest theme of Season 3 is the simple and all too familiar struggle to move on after a difficult break-up. Ted and Robin’s relationship dominated the last season, but now they have to find out how to make their friendship work for the sake of each other and the entire gang. The ups-and-downs they experience as they try to distance themselves from their relationship really provides the emotional core of this season.

Married Life

But while Ted and Robin struggle with the end of their romantic relationship, Marshall and Lily are experiencing the very beginning of life as a married couple. For fans of How I Met Your Mother, this is incredibly rewarding to watch. After all, Marshall proposed to Lily in the very first episode of the show, and their life as husband and wife is a delightful culmination of their journey so far.

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