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by Tom Tonthat

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Season 5 of the hit Fox medical drama series House follows the life and times of the brilliant but sociopathic Dr. Gregory House as he and his medical team solve difficult and life-threatening cases at the fictional Princeton-Plainsboro Teaching Hospital in New Jersey.

The fifth season of House provides some wonderful character-development and has a powerful finale.

As a television series, House has been entertaining as a medical drama, mystery, and even a comedy. The medical terminology is relatively accurate for a one-hour television show compared to the faux science of CSI. Each episode of House is a mystery where the medical staff must locate the clues and find the diagnosis before time runs out for their patient. Sometimes even knowing the diagnosis is not enough to save the patient’s life. Most of the comedy comes from House’s need to undermine authority or knock people off their high horse when he feels that one deserves it. And to House, they always deserve it.


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The importance of the rational versus the intuitive is a major theme toward the end of the season when House blurs the line between the two. He manages to rationalize his intuition and blur his reality and fantasy. He feels that he is in control but Wilson knows that House lives life dangerously. When the bombshell about him and Cuddy drops, House soon realizes that he can only be hurt by those he is attached to emotionally.

House is the brainchild of David Shore, whose previous television production experience includes producing two late 90s seasons of Law & Order, and writing for a variety of shows like NYPD Blue, Due South, The Practice, and The Outer Limits. He was asked to come up with a medical procedural show for NBC in 2003. David’s idea was to make the medical procedural show emphasize the characters over the medicine since it made for more compelling television. He decided to base the protagonist of his medical show on Sherlock Holmes and became the creator, writer, and producer of House. NBC decided to pass on House and instead chose Medical Investigation as its medical procedural show of choice. Medical Investigation was a medical mystery drama filled with an eclectic staff of medical geniuses that no one really watched and only lasted one season. Fortunately, Fox picked up on David Shore’s medical drama and the rest is television history.

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