Quicklet on House Season 3 (TV Show)

by Christina St-Jean

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House M.D. is a medical-themed television show that started back in 2004, shortly after the production team of David Shore, Paul Attanasio and Katie Jacobs pitched the idea to Fox Broadcasting. While the medical procedural itself was hailed as something like CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, the character of Gregory House, M.D. didn’t come around until Chase, Attanasio, and Jacobs were approached by the network to liven up the premise. A human element was required in order to give the show a spark.

Actor Hugh Laurie was the right ingredient.

The third season of House M.D. is made up of 24 episodes. The season opens with the doctor recovering from gunshot wounds received in the second season finale. Much of the season depicts House coping with his returning leg pain following his ketamine treatment at the end of Season 2, and dealing with the intricacies of the legal and human systems.


Christine Saint-Jean is an Ontario English teacher with a great passion for American literature in particular and the written word in general. Her two daughters, aged 3 and 7, also seem to have a love of books, as her 7-year-old just started reading Tom Sawyer herself. Saint-Jean follows global events as closely as she can but also enjoys entertainment news. Currently, Saint-Jean is working towards a black belt in karate.


At this point in the Emmy Award-winning series, the acclaimed doctor’s ego and addiction to Vicodin has only grown. He has recovered from his gunshot wounds, which were sustained at the end of Season 2, and although he is starting to regain use of his leg, he is back on the Vicodin. His addiction, as always, doesn’t stop him from solving some of medicine’s most challenging mysteries. He has, however, become more of a nuisance to his peers; Wilson and Cuddy have both grown concerned over the godlike egotism they see coming from their friend and make the decision to clip his wings a little.

House M.D. continues to resonate with society, particularly the medical community and those struggling with rare medical conditions. People have suggested diagnoses for themselves because of situations which have come about on the series, leaving the medical community struggling to explain to their patients why they shouldn’t base their diagnoses on what a television doctor proposes. That said, House M.D. continues to fascinate and spark discussion, both about the characters and the medical issues themselves.

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