Quicklet on Dexter Season 4

by Ryan James Avery

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Originally aired in 2006, the first season of “Dexter” was based on the Jeff Lindsay novel: Darkly Dreaming Dexter. The book chronicles the life of blood-spatter analyst for the Miami-Metro police department, Dexter Morgan. On the outside, Dexter seems like a regular guy; he gets up every day, goes to work and helps put criminals behind bars. Just under the surface, however, things are not so ordinary.


After a traumatizing experience as a small child in which his mother is brutally dismembered with a chainsaw by a drug-dealer, Dexter is left irreparably damaged and afflicted with antisocial personality disorder. Devoid of emotion, obsessed with blood and an inescapable urge to kill; Dexter’s life was destined to be fraught with pain and horror. Destiny, though, had other plans for him. Officer Harry Morgan, the man who investigated the grisly scene, adopted Dexter. Harry lived his life by a strict moral code, a code which he knew must be imparted to his son to protect him from himself and society.


Ryan Avery has been a personal trainer and writer for the past 5 years. Over this time, he has contributed articles on a variety of topics including music, history, video gaming and health & fitness.


With the recent birth of his son, Harrison, Dexter is living the life of a family man. As life continues, Dexter begins to realize he has precious little time outside of work and home, and his Dark Passenger is not taking being neglected very well. The loss of sleep from long nights up with Harrison has dulled Dexter’s once sharp mind and is playing havoc with every aspect of his life. In the city, a killer attacks a woman as she is sitting in her bathtub. He slides in with her and makes a small cut on the inside of her thigh, causing her to bleed out through the open femoral artery.

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