Quicklet on Castle Season 3 (TV Show)

by John Andrews

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While it takes the form of a fairly conventional murder mystery show, Castle delights in misdirection, red herrings, and character interaction. When other shows focus on forensic evidence or legal maneuvering, Castle tells the story of the victim: how they got to the point at which someone else felt compelled to snuff out his or her life. A crime novelist shadowing a police detective for three years requires some suspension of disbelief, but the trust Beckett shows in Castle, and the value he lends to investigations, makes it plausible. Castle also excels at blurring the lines between its fictional universe and the real world. It’s not unusual for a modern television show to set up the occasional Web site as a promotional tool, but Castle doesn’t stop there. Male lead Nathan Fillion is a Twitter star with well over a million followers, but his character Richard Castle also tweets regularly—though the latter can claim only 72,000 followers, as of this writing.


John "jaQ" Andrews studied creative writing at Simon's Rock College. His first published short story was in 1998's Star Trek: Strange New Worlds compilation, and he has since worked as a product description writer, reporter, computer technician, tech columnist and freelance writer. He lives in New Hampshire with his wife, dog, rabbit and two cats. His Web site is www.jaqandrews.com.


The last time we saw Rick Castle, he was headed to the Hamptons with his publisher/ex-wife. He’s not around when Beckett, Ryan, and Esposito are called to investigate the murder of teacher Chloe Whitman, who was shot in her apartment and tumbled out the window. When they find the handwritten address of another apartment, they head over to find Castle standing over the resident, along with his friend, sculptor Maya Santori, who is holding a gun.

Beckett sets him loose, but he shows up at the next victim’s apartment too. A man named Todd McKutcheon who works with vending machines, had called both Chloe and Maya. Castle star-69’s him from Maya’s place.

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