Quicklet on Bones Season Two

by Joseph Phillip Pritchard

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Fans of the popular Fox forensic drama series, Bones, were delighted by its return last April. The series is on its seventh season, and has been picked up for another season slated for the summer. Its return marks the end of its brief mid-season hiatus brought on by the real life pregnancy of its leading actress, Emily Deschanel, albeit the pregnancy was written into the story.

Bones follows the exploits of Dr. Temperance Brennan, a brilliant, albeit socially-awkward, forensic anthropologist and novelist, and her partner, FBI Special Agent Seeley Booth. The TV series is loosely based on the life of real-life forensic anthropologist, Kathy Reichs. In fact, the name of the titular character of the show is taken from Reichs’ novels. However, despite drawing inspiration from the books and Reichs’ life, the show isn’t a direct adaptation of the source material.


Joseph Pritchard is passionate reader and writer. He has a bachelor's degree in Biology and also completed a degree in medicine. He has written for other prominent online publications and enjoys writing on a variety of topics.


Most TV series spend their first season trying to establish their identity while also building up a fanbase. The second season is usually when the show retains elements from the previous season that worked, while discarding aspects that didn’t. Bones is no different.

One of the most noticeable changes from the first season is the introduction of a new character, Camille Saroya, who replaced Daniel Goodman as the new head of Jeffersonian. The decision to introduce this new character is a stroke of brilliance. Aside from being the new “boss”, Camille, or “Cam” as the others call her is also a pathologist. So from the writing perspective, this allows the episodes to involve cases that aren’t strictly speaking limited to very old bones. Moreover, Cam’s overall personality make her the perfect foil to Brennan in ways that her predecessor could never have been. It was also a brilliant move to give her and Booth a past so that she wasn’t a total stranger to all of the characters.

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