Philly Dog: Why Dogs are Better Than Cats

by Rebecca Braglio

What's in the book?

The best of and more doggie info from expert blogger Rebecca Braglio

    • Useful tips on a variety of dog-related topics, from dog and fireworks, to fido fashion
    • Fascinating articles every dog owner must read
    • PhillyDog-approved product reviews (including “What Dash Tried”
    • Canine health tips and resources, from dog anxiety to allergies


Rebecca Braglio is an attorney turned pet blogger/advocate for dog-friendly businesses and animal welfare groups in the greater Philadelphia metropolitan area. A lifelong resident of Philadelphia, she is the founder of, the only online resource guide that connects dog owners with pet businesses and professionals.

This book is a collection of the best posts, product reviews, advice, and articles, as well as contains original content from Rebecca and The Philly Dog not found on the blog.

Rebecca is owned by one cat named Mabel, who was found in the streets of Philly, and a Yorkie named Dash. She can’t wait to adopt another dog—hopefully a Pit mix!

Things You'll Learn:

  • The 10 Commandments of Dog Ownership
  • 10 Reasons Why Dogs Are Better than Cats
  • Outdoor Adventures
  • Dog Park Etiquette
  • Dog Flags
  • Essential Guide to Your Dog’s Diet
  • Debunking Pitbull Myths
  • Pet Savings Advice
  • Philly Dog Gift Guide

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