by Kyle Schurman

What's in the book?

Want to learn about LulzSec? Read LulzSec: 50 Days Of Lulz to learn about the infamous hacker group.

    • Methods: Learn what methods the notorious hackers used to threaten corporations and governments
    • Members: Find out about the leaders of LulzSec
    • Attacks: A chronicle of the group’s major hacking stunts
    • Arrests:Learn about the people who have been arrested on suspicion of being LulzSec members


LulzSec is a group of Web hackers who made themselves famous for their barrage of attacks and their sarcastic taunting of victims during the summer of 2011. Members of LulzSec, short for Lulz Security, committed many well-publicized online attacks in the span of several weeks.

The successful attacks included publicizing hundreds of thousands of passwords and user names from customers of supposedly secure Web sites. LulzSec’s history is a short, busy one. The group’s first known attack occurred in May 2011. By July 2011, 50 days after its first publicized hack, Lulz Security released a statement saying it would be disbanding.

In between, LulzSec was in the news almost daily. LulzSec: 50 Days of Lulz is a book that offers an eye-opening account of the headline-grabbing hacker group. In this eBook, you'll learn what motivated LulzSec, what methods they used, and how their attacks affected the world.

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