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  • Keystone habit: The pattern or habit that is at the basis of all the other patterns or habits. If you can change that habit, it will start a chain reaction.
  • Habit: The choices that all of us deliberately make at some point, and then stop thinking about but continue doing, often every day.
  • Habit reversal training: Breaking bad habits by first identifying the cues that set it in motion, then substituting a competing response.
  • Small wins: Minor accomplishments that, if allowed to build, one on the other, can lead to larger achievements.
  • “Sticky” songs: Songs that keep listeners from turning the dial. Some songs are sticky because they’re popular and people like them, some songs are sticky even though people hate them.
  • Weak ties: The links that connect people who have acquaintances in common and share membership in social networks, but aren’t friends themselves.
  • Sleep terrors: This is a kind of habit, the most basic kind of habit, fight or flight.  A person experiencing a sleep terror can’t override it with logic or reason.
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