How To Get The Most From Your Kindle Device

by Philip Shropshire

What's in the book?

Hidden tips and tricks for your favorite eReader!

    • A breakdown of all 5 members of the Kindle family
    • Best resources for secret tips and hacks for each Kindle
    • Where, when, and how to buy your Kindle at the best price
    • How to choose the best device for your reading needs
    • An honest comparison between popular eReading devices, including the Nook, iPad, and Sony Reader


How To Get The Most From Your Kindle gives the novice Kindle user an introduction to the various types of Kindles. Covering topics such as how to get the best pricing, when to buy, and the future prognosis of the most popular eReader on the planet, it’s a one-stop shop for all the buzz around the Kindle devices. From an honest and critical perspective that quotes both fans and critics of the Kindle, it offers the reader valuable advice on the pros and cons of the Kindle devices.

It also offers tips and tricks to use on your Kindle device once you’ve become a party of the Kindle family!

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