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Dr. Nilima Sabharwal: Founder, Home of Hope, Inc.

In 1999, I founded Home of Hope, Inc., a US based non-profit charity that implements a variety of programs in struggling orphanages to empower destitute children. Today the organization is touching the lives of up to 50,000 kids. I am a full time physician and a mother, and Home of Hope, Inc. is not a project that I had planned. This is why I feel it is a true "calling" from a HIGHER POWER: An unmeasurable energy that directs our lives. Call this energy God, call it a higher conscience, call it whatever you want. This ENERGY is my confession. This ENERGY created Home of Hope, Inc.

I have been trying to understand energy by going deep within myself through meditation. During this process, I have learned that to experience this energy one needs to follow what I call "the 12 P's."
  • The first "P" is PASSION: you cannot start anything without this passion, which becomes the driving force of any successful endeavor.
  • The second and third "P's" are PERSEVERANCE and PERSISTENCE: you must not give up or be daunted by the word "NO," for it is just a word.
  • Next is PURITY of PURPOSE: your purpose should be pure and not tinged with ego and self.
  • Next is PRAYER and POSITIVITY. There is so much strength in prayer, and you must have a strong traffic control with your thoughts and emotions.
  • Then comes the most important "P's:" PROBLEMS and PEOPLE. Expect problems, especially with the PEOPLE you encounter. Don't be daunted or discouraged by these problems; instead, use these problems as PETS (Personality Enhancement Trainer). In other words, these problems make you more strong and resilient.
  • Your PETS will teach you another very important "P," which is PATIENCE.
  • All of these "P's" will give you the POWER from God to keep plodding on and on.
This is my confession.

* * * * *

Dr. Nilima Sabharwal, a physician in the SFO Bay Area, founded Home of Hope, Inc. in 1999. She was inspired by the selfless work of a group of dedicated women volunteers in an orphanage called Children's Home of Hope. However, lack of adequate funds made the living conditions extremely difficult at this home. Dr. Sabharwal realized the painful reality, resolved to do something about it, and Home of Hope was born. Over the last decade, Home of Hope has grown appreciably, and presently supports over a dozen such projects, spread throughout India and one in the U.S.
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