"Called Out" Comment

by Lewis DVorkin and Forbes, Inc.

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Abraham Hyatt posted:
When you note the pageviews that the long-form Forbes' posts received, how are you accounting for pagination? The pageviews on the last page of the story, not the first show how many readers are interested in long stories. That's slightly oversimplified; there are a lot of ways that people can view a post as a single page. But as a whole, I think it's more complicated than looking at who hits the front page. Either way, I used to have the same attitude that you did that visitors don't read long stories. Over the last two years it's been a nice surprise to find out how wrong I was.
I responded:
Good points and good question. I can tell you this. I have a 'Heat Map' on all Forbes.com pages that shows me where users click on the screen. I've been stunned that the No. 1 click (it shows me the Top 10) on the first page of nearly all paginated stories is the 'Page 2' link or the 'Next Page' link. And if the post is three pages, way more often than not the No. 1 click on Page two is 'Page 3' or 'Next Page.' I hope that answers your question.
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