"Called Out" Comment

by Lewis DVorkin and Forbes, Inc.

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rlbaty commented:
I'm one! One of the folks who comments on Forbes. I'm what might be called an Internet creation; just an inconsequential nobody that has developed a considerable Internet resume. I managed to tick off a number of people in the old days and was told I should set up my own site; so I did, a YAHOO! discussion list all my own. Not long ago I happened to pick up on the coverage some Forbes contributors were giving to the tax-cheatin', horn-playin' Phil Driscoll. I checked in and the rest, they say, is history and history in the making. I now have quite a Forbes portfolio, including comments and even a guest column. I appreciate the patronage I have received from my Forbes sponsor. I would have liked to have generated more and more diverse participation, but maybe it will come.
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