"Called Out" Comment

by Lewis DVorkin and Forbes, Inc.

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Jon Tesser added his comments about a response from fellow commenter Abraham Hyatt:
Abraham's comment is accurate. I've noticed at our publication that we lose a large majority of users on the first page (and thus bounce rates tend to be high) for long form articles. We're able to draw them in initially through tons of high-powered links, but most users won't stick around for the whole thing. So while it may be true that the heat map is telling you that the "next page" link is the most popular clicked link on the page, I would pay closer attention to the number of users that land on the page and subsequently leave without viewing any other content (otherwise known as bounce rate).
I responded:
Thanks for your comment. I'm well aware of bounce rates, which help track engagement across the site - and I watch those numbers very carefully, too. The topic of this post is pure engagement in the actual longer-form story itself and not our site as a whole. Not only do I use a heat map to measure story-specific engagement, but also another real-time tool from Betaworks that shows me concurrent users on all our pages. Now, if you want to discuss sitewide engagement, that is important, too, and it's changing rapidly in a social media world that is increasingly driven by mobile usage. It's a subject I plan to address in the future.
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